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3DX-Ray secures ThreatScan-LS1 X-ray scanner system contract with German Customs

May 21, 2021

3DX-Ray has announced a contract for the sale of a ThreatScan-LS1 X-ray scanner system to the German Customs Service. The conventional EOD role for these systems is for identifying hidden Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) but they also have an important role in customs and border security.

The ThreatScan-LS1 flat screen scanner is a highly portable, flexible and powerful tool that allows border officers to rapidly and safely inspect vehicle tyres, fuel tanks, doors and other internal spaces within a vehicle, without having to gain access to that vehicle.

Each system consists of a portable I-Gen X-ray generator, a detection panel and an operator’s workstation running 3DX-Ray’s market-leading image processing software.

The advantage of the I-Gen generator used in the ThreatScan system is that it has 360 degrees of rotation, on an adjustable stand and rubber feet, meaning the operator is able to place the I-Gen on any horizontal surface of a vehicle or trailer and change the angle of the scan.

ThreatScan is lightweight, incredibly thin and has a large imaging area of 600 x 460mm, enabling large areas to be scanned. This system can penetrate up to 34mm of steel at 120kV while producing high quality, sub-millimetre resolution images.

ThreatScan can also be used to inspect suspect bags and packages in border transit areas, such as ports, rail and bus stations, airports and vehicle check points.

3DX-RAY LTD, Sales and Marketing Director, Vincent Deery said: “Border agencies are increasingly realising the power and versatility of these systems and we are seeing a growing number of enquiries from border agencies worldwide.”

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