3xLOGIC to debut X-Series cameras at TSE 2024

April 2, 2024



3xLOGIC has announced that its X-Series edge based deep learning analytics cameras will be debuting at the Security Event 2024.

According to the company, the X-Series cameras combine hardware with advanced analytics to deliver real time, accurate and actionable data, transforming how surveillance systems can be deployed and utilised.

Insights and actionable data

“Our X-Series edge based deep learning analytics cameras empower organisations to take their security to the next level by providing them with powerful analytical tools that deliver insights and actionable data, enabling them to make informed decisions and respond quickly to potential security threats,” said Mike Poe, Director, Product Management, 3xLOGIC.

The X-Series use object, people, perimeter and vehicle identification algorithms to provide accurate detection and tracking in dense, busy environments.

Using volumes of representative data, the cameras continuously analyse movements and behaviour, while using predictive analysis to constantly track each object.

3xLOGIC’s analytics technology utilises appearance-based models, as opposed to established motion-based solutions that depend solely on changes in pixels over time to indicate movement.

This decreases the opportunity for false positives resulting from elements such as illumination changes or foliage, as the trackers identify and ignore them because they don’t look like objects of interest, 3xLOGIC reports.

This level of filtering is effective for improving accuracy or detecting complex behaviours and once an object begins tracking, an identification code is assigned that stays with the object in the field of view.

Important for VMS

X-Series cameras form an important part of 3xLOGIC’s VIGIL video management system, allowing users to access the full potential of their surveillance ecosystem.

For example, person, object and vehicle detection capabilities can be integrated into VIGIL CLOUD, so that only actionable detection and notifications are delivered.

Meanwhile, VIGIL Server provides support for use cases such as perimeter protection, business intelligence and alarm notifications.

Integration with VIGIL TRENDS makes security management easier and more efficient by turning data into meaningful information – collating, deciphering and presenting it in a way that makes sense by showing present and historical data in a business context.

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