Abloy UK launches Mobile Keys for increased security, convenience and efficiency

January 24, 2022

Abloy UK has launched ASSA ABLOY’s Incedo Business Mobile Keys, a new type of credential that offers secure mobile access, simplified management and user convenience and efficiency.

Incedo Business provides a user-friendly interface for managing your access control platform. You have a choice of system management options — Lite or Cloud — to administer Incedo-enabled hardware in a way that best suits your business’ needs.

As an evolutionary extension to the ecosystem, new Incedo Business Mobile Keys can be enabled on mobile phones, tablets, watches and other wearable electronic devices, allowing the device to function as a user’s credential to enter an office or other business facilities.

They are convenient to use and can be instantly issued, changed or revoked over the air. What’s more, smart devices can add another layer of protection with their biometric authentication and screen locking.

Pip Courcoux of Abloy UK explains: “Research shows that 17.3% of card or fob users lose at least one card or fob annually, compromising security and creating a cost for the organisation to replace.

“Mobile credentials are seen as a more secure way to manage access and people are less likely to lose a mobile phone in comparison with other credential types. A mobile key can also verify the identity of an individual, for example, using a verification code or facial recognition.

“A growing number of buildings are now integrating touchless access control systems too in order to create safer, cleaner environments, so the launch of Incedo Business Mobile Keys couldn’t have come at a better time.”

Incedo Business Mobile Keys offer user convenience and efficiency by allowing ‘keys’ to be sent over the air to temporary staff or visitors, removing face to face handovers. For existing staff, mobile credentials eliminate the need for a key, card or fob, which also reduces touchpoints and the use of plastic materials.

Secure mobile access offers another layer of protection with the mobile devices’ biometrics and screen locking and there is no risk of breaches from card sharing. Plus, the transmission range is greater when using a mobile key, so readers can be placed behind a locked door.

Incedo Business Mobile Keys simplify management too. The system administrator manages user IDs via the secure management portal and a mobile key can be transferred to the user’s phone via the mobile access app.

The system administrator then adds mobile key into Incedo Business UI and associates it with the user, allowing them to present the mobile key to the configured reader to open the access point.

For further information on Incedo Business Mobile Keys or any other products and services available from Abloy, visit https://bit.ly/3GM6prX, call 01902 364 500, or email [email protected].

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