Abloy UK in great new RIBA-approved CPD course for electrically controlled escape doors

July 7, 2023


Abloy UK has launched a new RIBA-approved CPD course.

Abloy UK has launched a new RIBA-approved CPD course, explaining the requirements of EN 13637:2015 for electrically controlled exit systems for use on escape doors and how to achieve safe electrically controlled escape doors. 

New RIBA-approved course to explore EN 13637

The course, delivered by accredited Abloy experts, explores EN 13637, which was adopted by BSI in August 2015. The standard covers the application of electrical controls to manage the unauthorised use of escape doors, whether as part of an access control system or just to achieve exit management in situations such as retail stores, hospitals and schools and commercial premises.

As part of the course, attendees will learn that an exit system comprises of three elements, tested as a complete escape solution. The first is an electric controlling device, an initiating element (a resettable illuminated switch), and an electric locking device to secure the door. The electric locking device will be a fail un-locked device specifically designed to work under a side load to ensure escape, with the durability of the ability to release proven.

Compliant solutions

Roy Buckingham DipGAI, RegAI, MGAI, Regional Specification Development Manager for London & South East at Abloy UK, explains: “Escape doors should provide for immediate egress. However, there are instances where buildings need to control escape for security or safety reasons, for example, in a nursery school application. What’s more, security, and the need to escape can conflict in many situations, and an exit system is the only performance-tested and proven solution.

“Our new RIBA-accredited CPD covers all these areas and details specifying a compliant solution. Architects and any other built environment professionals are invited to register for the course to expand and update their knowledge on escape regulations and best practices, and we look forward to welcoming them to the upcoming sessions.”

Abloy UK electric locking and access control

As well as its commitment to educating the industry about compliant-locking systems, Abloy UK offers a range of electric locking and access control solutions to help meet the required standards.

These include the innovative ePED Escape Door System (EDS) that offers easy access and egress while ensuring compliance, safety and security. The ePED exit systems provide a compliant solution for an escape door when read-in / read-out access control is specified, combining the three components required for EN 13637. 

To register for the CPD, go to https://bit.ly/449R0Nf

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