Acronis advances with native integration

January 24, 2024


Acronis - Integration

Acronis has announced an advancement with the native integration of its Advanced Security and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions. 

In response to the growing reports of AI driven cyber-attacks, Acronis says that it ensures its users gain access to mission-critical EDR capabilities at no additional cost.  

MSPs have historically struggled with the challenges of operating a disparate set of security tools, resulting in elevated administrative overhead, increased possibilities for human error and a more vulnerable environment overall.  

Acronis addresses these points by integrating endpoint detection and response (EDR) with endpoint management, backup and recovery solutions.  

Integration the next step 

“MSPs and their customers are constantly under attack, facing increasingly more sophisticated threats,” said Ezequiel Steiner, CEO at Acronis.   

“Understanding the challenges of widespread EDR adoption, particularly in terms of cost and complexity for MSPs, we have added it at no additional price – disrupting the security market and allowing them to deploy Acronis security to all endpoints. 

“Notably, Acronis EDR stands out with its MSP-centric design, enhancing technician efficiency through automation and substantially reducing false positives.” 

Some of the key features of Acronis’ integrated Advanced Security and EDR solution for MSP’s include MSPs being able to launch and implement a comprehensive security framework that includes rapid recovery capabilities in the event of a successful attack.  

The solution also enables MSPs to protect against modern threats and comply with cyber insurance requirements, as with Acronis’ integrated technologies, partners can strengthen their security posture.  

Reduce the risk of errors 

Administrative overhead is another issue with a single security platform, however Acronis’ streamlined approach reduces MSPs risk of errors while enhancing operations.  

The advancement of AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools has allowed threat actors to enhance attack sophistication, volume and speed.  

This escalation in attacks poses a greater threat to MSPs and their clients, highlighting the need for a more comprehensive and simplified security framework.  

Recognising the critical importance of securing all endpoints, Acronis recommends that MSPs deploy security to every endpoint.  

While MSPs often focus on protecting only critical endpoints, it’s essential to acknowledge that any endpoint can serve as an entry point for network penetration.  

Security must extend to all endpoints to ensure a complete cyber-protection solution.  

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