Advanced Perimeter Systems provides solutions to security and sustainability

August 15, 2023


Advanced Perimeter Systems highlights the many benefits of its solar powered perimeter security solutions.

Companies of all sizes are focused on sustainability in 2023. Sustainability measures have not only shown to lower costs and increase profitability, but a focus on climate action may also draw in investors, clients, and staff. A sustainability project is no longer a “nice to have” but rather a need given the shifting nature of the world.

Advanced Perimeter Systems’ highly effective perimeter security solutions can all be powered using solar, meaning you get all the benefits of the security system without the cost of electricity. Security might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about aspects of your company that could go green. Undoubtedly unique, but still worth considering. Some benefits are:

1. Solar will support your sustainability goals

Not only does this show the world and your customers you care about the footprint we leave behind. Whether it is for your customers, staff or even investors, pushing a solar powered solutions is likely to get their approval. Not only that but you are helping towards making a healthier planet and having a positive impact without jeopardising your security.

2. Solar energy is more affordable in the long run.

Sunlight, in contrast to power provided by your local provider, is free. A security system uses a lot of power to protect your business around the clock, which could raise your electricity bill significantly. Utilising solar energy prevents your security operations from using up your electric budget.

3. Solar powered security can protect off grid locations.

Sometimes you may not have access to mains power, reducing your options for what can be installed on site. With a solar powered security system, you can power off grid locations no matter where they are. At Advanced Perimeter Systems we have developed our products to suit clients needs, so when a valued client came to us to ask us to design him a solution for his off grid farm, which had no mains or physical fencing. We were happy to help.

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