Advanced Perimeter Systems: Unseen dangers

September 14, 2023


Zack Davidson, Business Development Manager, Advanced Perimeter Systems explores the cost of inadequate perimeter security.

In an ever-changing world, one thing remains constant: risk. The relentless threat of attacks, intrusions, and vandalism to your property looms large. As technology advances and becomes more accessible to both good and malicious actors, the potential for intrusion is ever present.

You may have taken significant steps to fortify your security measures – upgrading your server firewall, integrating CCTV cameras with cloud connectivity, and implementing the latest access control systems. But amidst all these advancements, there might still be a missing link in your defence strategy.

An impenetrable shield

Weak points and blind spots persist, leaving vulnerabilities that opportunistic intruders may exploit. While your cameras can stream live images and assist with insurance claims, they alone might not be enough to minimise the risk of intrusion and the subsequent losses caused by theft, damage, or other malicious activities. What you need is a comprehensive approach – a defence in depth.

Enter the multi-layered security approach, a formidable solution that starts at the perimeter. This approach seamlessly integrates various types of security systems to create an impenetrable shield around your property. Among the options available, Advanced Perimeter Systems offer three standout choices, these are Microguard, an invisible barrier, Flexiguard, a discreet yet effective system and electric fencing, the ultimate deterrent. These options are designed to keep would-be intruders off your property, effectively preventing them from breaching your premises.

Electric fencing

For those seeking the ultimate deterrent, there’s nothing quite like electric fencing. Our customers in the USA have attested to the formidable nature of Electro-Fence, describing it as “gnarly enough to keep people away just by the look of it.” This powerful and intimidating solution is a strong deterrent against any potential threats, sending a clear message that your property is off-limits.

An Advanced Perimeter System not only safeguards your property but powered by solar energy, it also champions environmental preservation. Each of our APS systems is engineered to operate on remarkably low power consumption, enabling seamless integration with solar power solutions, while propelling you towards achieving your net zero targets.

What do the Pyramids of Giza, Hyderabad airport and have in common?

You will be wondering, how does a high traffic, modern day airport in India have absolutely anything to do with the ancient world heritage site, the Pyramids, in Egypt? They are both considered high security sites and are protected with an APS system.

They are both sites with an extremely high footfall; with so many people in a condensed area they can often be a target for criminals and terrorists making it essential to have effective security measures in place.

Around the Pyramids there are key areas where archaeological digging is still underway, which is why they came to us for our Flexiguard solution to help protect 13.2 kilometres from potential intruders. This system picks up on vibrations from attempted intruders, it can also be integrated with existing CCTV so that cameras can be directed in the appropriate direction of attack.

For Hyderabad airport, they already had a concrete wall around the perimeter with a total length of 17.6 kilometres. Taking the existing wall into consideration we offered them an electric fence wall topper to cover the total length, connected to our security management software, Multisys.

Having an APS system as one of the first lines of defence allows the security team to know when there is an intrusion on the perimeter, giving them time to act before any damage is done.

Multi-layered security a must

The question you must ask yourself is whether you are willing to invest in a robust, multi-layered perimeter security solution or take the risk of leaving your property exposed to potential threats. The consequences of a breach can be devastating – financial losses, compromised safety, and reputational damage. Protecting your property is not merely a luxury; it is an essential responsibility in an uncertain world.

As experts in perimeter security, Advanced Perimeter Systems understands that the key to effective protection lies in a comprehensive strategy. Our team is committed to assessing your unique needs and tailoring a solution that aligns with your specific requirements. By partnering with us, you can be confident that your property is shielded with the highest level of security, safeguarding your assets, and providing you with peace of mind.

The risk is undeniable, but so is the opportunity to fortify your defences. Choose a multi-layered approach to perimeter security and send a clear message to potential intruders – your property is not worth the risk. Don’t wait for a breach to happen; act now and take control of your property’s security destiny.

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