Ajax Systems launches new product


Ajax Systems has launched the new Fibra power supply calculator.

It will help the installers of Ajax’s wired products to check wired security systems before installation.

The Fibra power calculator provides security specialists with comprehensive information about the power consumption of devices and lets checking whether the wired system project will work in practice.

Once the calculations are finished, installers can download results as a PDF file.

As soon as the program detects problem areas in the project, it highlights them and offers different solutions.

In addition, installers can easily adjust object configuration to fix power issues: replace the cable, turn off or remove devices, change distances — everything is monitored in real time.

This is the easy-to-use guide on how Fibra Calculator works:

  • To start the calculation, select your hub model
  • Add the line of devices to the hub
  • Enter cable resistance for every 100 m length of cable in Ohms.
  • Add the devices to the Fibra line by indicating the cable length between the previous and the next device.
  • Obtain power and voltage calculations for each device.