Amthal apprentice rises to Commercial Director

August 8, 2023


Amthal has announced the appointment of Reece Paprotny to Commercial Director, having initially joined the company as an apprentice.

The promotion comes as the company announces a strategic shift in its approach to fire safety and security services.

Amthal apprentice’s journey

Reece, who joined Amthal as a finance apprentice in 2015, instantly identified a strong drive to succeed and a keen eye for business development opportunities.

He quickly established himself as a valuable asset, rising to join the Senior Management Team in 2018 and winning the St Albans Chamber of Commerce Awards 2017 Young Employee Award.

“We are immensely proud of Reece’s journey and the accomplishments he has achieved during his time with Amthal,” said Jamie Allam, CEO of Amthal. “Throughout his rise from apprentice to Commercial Director, Reece has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and a deep understanding of the ethos of our vision and values.

“His unwavering commitment to teamwork, delivering innovative solutions and exceeding client expectations positioned him as a trusted advisor and instrumental player in driving the company’s growth. He has been instrumental in driving our success and we have no doubt that he will continue to make a significant impact in his new role.”

New chapter for Amthal

The promotion comes as Amthal announces a new chapter in the company’s evolution, including a refreshed brand identity and vision for growth, alongside a strategic alignment with a commitment to delivering compliance and excellence in service.

As Commercial Director, Reece Paprotny will spearhead strategic initiatives, lead the commercial team and oversee key business operations. His comprehensive industry knowledge, coupled with his passion for delivering exceptional customer experiences, will further strengthen Amthal’s position as a leading player in the fire safety and security solutions landscape.

Reece Paprotny expressed his gratitude for the opportunities he has received at Amthal, saying, “I am truly humbled by this promotion to Commercial Director. From day one as an apprentice, Amthal has provided me with a nurturing environment, where I have been trained by the leaders and directors, allowing me to grow both professionally and personally.

“I am taking this role at an exciting time for the business and I look forward to leading our exceptional team, identifying new opportunities and contributing to Amthal’s continued success.”

Amthal is committed to investing in talent development and providing internal career growth opportunities. The promotion of Reece Paprotny is a testament to the company’s dedication to recognising and nurturing the potential of every member, including the potential for growth and recognition through the Directors and Senior Management Team.

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