Amthal enhances school security

August 23, 2023


Amthal takes over support and remote monitoring of fire safety and security services at Hertfordshire secondary school.

Amthal has taken over the support and remote monitoring of fire safety and security services at Katherine Warington School in the town of Harpenden, Hertfordshire.

Based in Harpenden, Katherine Warington School is a brand-new secondary school that opened in 2019 and welcomed its first cohort of 180 year 7 students in September of that year, before moving into a completed main building in the summer of 2020.

Amthal services and supports security

Following a storm that damaged the school’s fire alarm system, the school consulted with Amthal to rectify the situation.  Amthal recommended a specialist Honeywell Gent solution to restore the system to full functionality. 

Amthal continued to monitor the site remotely, working with the management team to service and support security, which included updating the intruder alarm system and access control.  Each is now supported to the highest possible standards to create a safe learning environment.

Dean Inns, Katherine Warington School’s Business Manager said: “Our school fosters a learning culture that rewards effort, inspires learning and engenders a shared belief amongst all members of our school that they are equipped to thrive in a changing world.  It is also developing as a hub for the local area to enjoy and share in our exceptional facilities.

“To achieve this, we must offer a safe and secure learning environment for our staff, pupils and the wider community.  This is where Amthal really came into its own, quickly responding when the storm damaged our life safety systems and continuing to work with us to enhance our security.  Our continued collaboration reflects our dedication to maintaining a secure and conducive learning environment.”

Amthal’s team works closely with Katherine Warington School and continues to monitor security and fire safety on site.  Conducting continuous risk assessments, providing bespoke recommendations and delivering training to staff to ensure the seamless integration and maximum utilisation of all safety and security systems in place.

An integrated solution

Paul Rosenthal, Amthal Sales Director added: “Amthal’s expertise in delivering integrated solutions in education settings played a crucial role in securing the project.  We were able to identify requirements quickly and efficiently, working around learning environments.  The fire safety system, working with our partners at Honeywell Gent ensures early detection capability and enables a prompt response in case of emergencies.

“When we took over the service, support and remote monitoring, the need for an enhanced intruder alarm was clear, to ensure protection to the premises, in and outside of school hours.  Our continued partnership has also led to us updating the access control on site as the school continues to support young people to thrive, and welcomes its neighbours from the local area to take advantage of the facilities in a safe educational setting.”

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