Amthal Group Companies expands team to support growth

June 21, 2024



Amthal Group Companies has expanded its team with over twenty new appointments in the first half of 2024, to support its commitment to growth and service excellence.

The Group company, formed of Amthal Fire and Security (AFS) together with Integrated Protection Maintenance Services (IPL) has bolstered its team in both the office and engineering divisions, ensuring it can meet and exceed the expectations of its clients.

Skilled professionals are essential to Amthal’s mission of providing the latest security and fire safety solutions.

The new engineering teams will play a pivotal role in the installation, maintenance and monitoring of systems designed to protect businesses and communities across the UK.

Expertise vital to mission

“The security and fire safety industry is a field marked by constant innovation, where the challenge of early fire detection and outsmarting criminals ignites our creativity and motivates us to develop smart counter solutions across different sectors,” said Jamie Allam, CEO of Amthal Group Companies.

“For Amthal, we have welcomed over twenty new members to our team in the first half of 2024 and the numbers are still growing.

“It underscores our commitment to our customers from concept to completion and ongoing maintenance and monitoring requirements.

“Their fresh expertise is vital to our mission of delivering security and fire safety solutions, enabling us to safeguard businesses and communities across the UK.”

Amthal Group Companies reports it continues to prioritise customer satisfaction, investing in technology, partnerships and talent to stay at the forefront of the security and fire safety industry.

In security, Amthal has partnered with Avigilon, Gallagher and Dahua on the growth of cloud-based CCTV and access control to allow end users remote opportunities for maintenance and monitoring.

Especially relevant to Facility Managers who are budget, time and resource-stretched and yet seeking enterprise solutions to manage new hybrid work environments and building management systems.

Amthal also benefits from being part of Honeywell Gent’s 24 Network of Approved System Integrators to open up several new possibilities.

This includes access to CLSS and self-test, new market verticals and sectors and creating more rounded supply proposals to suit all project sizes and complexity scales for new and existing customers.

An exciting future

“Our ambitious growth plans reflect our dedication to delivering innovative and comprehensive security and fire safety solutions,” added Allam.

“We will continue to pursue it into the second half of 2024 and beyond, which is bound to bring challenges and opportunities across the UK in the wake of the election period.

“By continuing to expand our team with the right personnel across our business, welcoming apprentices and senior staff, investing in the latest technology and fostering strategic partnerships, we are well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

“We are excited about the future and remain committed to safeguarding businesses and communities across the UK with unparalleled service and expertise.”

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