Amulet joins initiative to promote employment standards

August 31, 2023

Security services provider Amulet has announced that the company has signed up as a supporter of the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter.

According to Amulet, the voluntary membership and assessment scheme is for the betterment of employment standards and was created to deliver good jobs – where employees are treated appropriately, offered inclusive opportunities and paid fairly within the Greater Manchester area.

It was founded in 2019 as an initiative from the Mayor of Greater Manchester to address workplace employment standards and raise productivity across the region.


Amulet says that it has become one of 22 new supporters this month, in addition to the hundreds of pre-existing supporters across the private, public and third sectors.

The Charters’ tiered structure of supporters and members work to establish and instate seven characteristics of ‘good employment’.

These include providing employees with secure work, paying the real living wage and offering wellbeing support.

The company says that the Charter’s commitments to improvement align with its own ongoing dedication to equality, diversity and inclusion in its hiring and staff retainment process.

“Our people are at the heart of everything we do at Amulet and that is why it was important for us to support the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter,” said Kieran Mackie, Managing Director of Amulet.

“We want to make Amulet an employer of choice but also elevate the security industry as a whole and make it an attractive career option for the next generation of the workforce.

“Aligning ourselves with this Charter is an important step in that direction.”

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