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September 23, 2021


Security Journal UK hears from Alan Riegler, Managing Director at ISM about the company’s plans and their innovative Genesys solution.

Who are ISM?

ISM is an innovator in smarter technology – delivering efficient intelligent solutions. We see ourselves as disruptive innovators introducing new technology into our sector. We provide a security solution that additionally delivers business intelligence (BI), improving levels of performance by combining the use of old and new devices to create advanced technology-based solutions wanted by end users.

Genesys by ISM is an application of technology solutions which enables us to develop strategic partnerships and deliver market leading solutions enabling existing buildings and buildings of the future to reach new found levels of efficiency. Our solutions allow enterprise level security integrators to differentiate themselves in the now heavily commoditised security sector by consolidating complex disparate third-party systems into one central manageable operation.

ISM’s customer focused team – together with the Genesys solution – is able to mitigate risks from fragmented standalone systems; delivering proof of compliance allows us to offer an intelligent solution that additionally provides audit, life cycle and compliance management across multiple industry sectors. The company’s senior leadership brings over 60 years’ experience of listening, developing for and delivering solutions to Fortune 250 and FTSE100 end users.

How has ISM changed over the years?

ISM has always been an early adopter in new technology. We have invested heavily in our young, dynamic, experienced team of tech experts. Every sector is different and technology is constantly evolving, with new systems to connect to, new processes to support and new operations to update. Our team therefore work tirelessly to understand the needs and challenges of the entire supply chain, ensuring our customers, and theirs, are updated in response to changes in technology and risks before they even arise.

Our Genesys solution provides an integration platform across varied building systems, taking the information and analysing the data then turning it into decision making learned events which can then be acted upon automatically.

For example, where a multi-campus system has multiple different access control platforms, Genesys sits across them all and provides a single user interface to command and control efficiently and effectively. Genesys will sit across all platforms and disciplines. Previously, a client would have to employ people to analyse the camera, reader and sensor information to understand what was going on within their workspace or their retail environment. Our technology now allows decisions to be made to improve efficiency for customers; this is due to the fact that Genesys has oversight of all data from all sensors.

What role do you think Genesys plays within industries such as security?

For over 30 years, ISM has taken the complexity out of decisions and remains unaffiliated with any control equipment distributor or manufacturer. This helps the industry considerably as our approach allows us to keep the product relevant to the end user. This is all delivered and supported via integrators that are trained and accredited to work with our systems.

We are working with our approved integrator partners to drive consistency and compliance in design and delivery to end users. Delivery of BI by the integrator into the end user enhances the integrator value in the supply chain. By delivering valuable BI to the end user our approved integrator partners are no longer commoditised suppliers.

What gives Genesys a competitive edge?

We are working closely with our partner company, BeamUp, using artificial intelligence algorithms. This allows clients to lifecycle manage their platforms, drive consistency of design and installation globally and ensure real time compliance across the system estate. This comes as an addition to our command and control solution.

Additionally, ISM has a long standing history in the custodial market; we started off as an intercom manufacturer very successfully providing cell call solutions into custodial environments. Working with numerous police authorities and enterprise integrators, we have listened to the pressing complex issues surrounding the custodial sector and have since developed a solution called Nano. Nano allows communication directly into the cell with its prisoners, providing direct integration and interface with the niche systems database.

In the commercial environment, not only does Genesys provide the ability to sit across many legacy disparate systems, but it also allows the full command and control of the security systems. It is an innovative solution suite that facilitates control and monitoring of disparate operational systems, integrating security, safety and building systems to uphold a sustainable and safe environment that provides greater awareness, reduces operational costs, offers full compliance, sustainability, interoperability, risk limitation and of course ROI.

Predominantly, businesses provide security systems to protect premises, assets, IP and staff; Genesys also enables compliance to be proven within live business environments. Genesys provides solutions for sectors that are very compliance driven such as the aviation, oil & gas and financial industries. By utilising Genesys by ISM across multiple disparate system, we provide proof of compliance using access control, allowing for tracking and tracing of who, what, when and where. For example, in the Aviation industry, the landside/airside demarcation is a strong compliance matter unless it is authorised on record. Genesys will provide a complete audit to provide evidence for or against the compliance rules being breached.

Looking at the airport industry, we can see it is about to go into its next 50 years of changing development. Airport operators and owners who are generally quite restricted by virtue of operating within a heavily regulated sector are now looking at other ways to generate revenue. They all have large carparking campuses. As the general public will travel to airports in different ways in the future, airports are looking at how they can maximise revenues from real estate currently utilised as car parking. In the future they are to be opened up and turned into multi-use office environments and retail spaces.

As well as providing a platform that manages the airport environment, Genesys by ISM can provide a solution that also manages the retail space and office space in the newly developed car parks.

Can you explain why you are sponsoring TAS Racing at the British Super Bikes Championship this year?

Firstly, because racing is an exciting environment, as is ours, and secondly because it enhances our brand awareness publicly. We are tested in life as we are in business, on how we manage our environments and “drive” technology forward. We get measured based on our financial results and the successes within the business, just like the SYNETIQ BMW Tas Racing Superbike team are measured by fractions of a second.  

Are you attending any exhibitions in the near future?

COVID-19 has really impacted on the ability for people to deal with each other face to face. Business to business relations have been dramatically affected. We believe that face to face engagement should return and are therefore supporting and exhibiting at both The Security Event, Birmingham 7-9 September (Stand A10) and Intersec, Dubai 16-18 January 2022.

We think there is a thirst and an appetite in people to responsibly get back to a new normality.

You will find us located at stand A20 in the main hall of The Security Event just as you enter. We are excited to welcome faces old and new and are very keen to show our latest innovations. We are the Security & Workspace Solutions Provider Partner at Intersec 2022 and are very much looking forward to the Intersec Expo and welcoming all consultants, contractors, integrators and end users to our stand.  

Come say hello and find out more! We see this as our opportunity to capture your valuable feedback. There is also an opportunity to join one of our innovation leadership dinners in Dubai during Intersec Expo.

Alan Riegler

To find out more information, visit: https://ism-uk.com/

This article was originally published in the September edition of Security Journal UK. To read your FREE digital copy, visit: https://digital.securityjournaluk.com

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