ANPR traffic management solution from IDIS and 4Sight deployed in West Midlands

February 15, 2022

A network of 200 IDIS cameras supporting ANPR image analysis software from 4Sight have been deployed to improve traffic management in the West Midlands.

Supporting efficient highways management and contributing to economic growth, the solution enables detailed analysis of traffic flows, helping to minimise congestion, reduce journey times and improve safety.

Systems integrator Total Integrated Solutions provided Transport for West Midlands with an innovative solution combining specialist IDIS 3MP DC-B3303X cameras seamlessly integrated with 4Sight’s self-configuring appearance modelling software. The light handling performance of the IDIS cameras is optimised by the 4Sight software, ensuring reliable, automatic compensation for extreme variations in light levels. Independent comparative testing has shown the solution to be ten times more accurate than conventional systems.

The 4Sight and IDIS technology was chosen for the “Keep West Midland Moving” initiative because of its high accuracy and value with low total cost of ownership (TCO). The existing infrastructure was leveraged to mount the cameras, reducing costs and eliminating the need for disruptive civil works. IDIS’s plug-and-play technology and 4Sight’s simple configuration ensured a fast and smooth deployment.

The existing computing infrastructure at the Birmingham monitoring centre was seamlessly integrated with the IDIS and 4Sight solution and, looking ahead, open architecture ensures future-proofing and system scalability.

Now, with more than half of the network fully operational, around three million data points are being generated daily, allowing real time analysis of traffic flows, resulting in faster response to emergencies, obstructions and congestion build-up. With an accurate real time overview across eleven key routes, traffic management teams can intervene rapidly if an incident occurs, to keep roads clear and reduce disruption to businesses and individuals.

“The ability to use a single camera to cover up to four lanes of bi-directional traffic and still maintain accurate reading was important to us as it allows us to utilise existing street furniture, simplifies maintenance and reduces cost,” says Mark Babington, Head of Safety, Security and Emergency Planning, Transport for West Midlands.

“This project is making a significant and positive contribution to the economy of the West Midlands,” says Reiss Spear, Sales Manager, IDIS Europe. “4Sight is a trusted IDIS technology partner and we are pleased to work with them to deliver this ground-breaking ANPR solution.”

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