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New anti-ram bollard system protects New York synagogue

April 28, 2022

The company behind the installation of crash bollards outside a synagogue in New York has revealed details of the project, now that it’s complete.

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation specialist, Marshalls Landscape Protection designed the project over several weeks for the building in Queens but installation took just 24 hours.

Jonathon Berry is International Sales Manager at Marshalls Landscape Protection (North America). He said: “Sites of religious worship are increasingly looking to incorporate defence mechanisms into their spaces.

“Our team was approached by staff at the synagogue to provide advice on this specification. We assisted the site’s team in completing a form for a $50,000 Homeland Security Grant Aid. 

“Next, we visited the site, surveyed and assessed the threat. We were then in a position to recommend the proportionate product choice, which would meet the relevant performance and budgetary requirements.

“Finally, our team used its technical expertise to co-ordinate the logistics and delivery of goods on the project. We co-ordinated the delivery and installation to reduce the impact and inconvenience to the community as much as possible. To this end, we worked to ensure our work was sensitive to any religious holidays.”

Across the world there have been an increased awareness of the threat of attack on religious buildings and other structures using vehicles.

The Marshalls Landscape Protection team specified and installed its RhinoGuard 25/40 Protective Bollard system with stainless steel sleeves, able to withstand the force of a 2.5 tonne vehicle traveling at 40mph. It also used alongside its Rhino RT SS5 Heavy Duty Telescopic Bollard system. 

“Together, the range of solutions ensures better security for worshipers at the synagogue, providing protection to the most vulnerable parts of the building,” says Berry.

The RhinoGuard 25/40 Protective Bollard, which is Made in Britain, has been crash-tested in accordance with the BSI PAS 68 standard, rendering test vehicles immobile on collision.

The Rhino RT SS5 Heavy Duty Telescopic Bollard combines strength, security and ease of use, benefitting from a reinforced internal sleeve for added fortitude. The high-performing solution, is being used to prevent unauthorised cars accessing the rear car park.

The installation of the new solution was completed in just a day. Marshalls’ project design team, alongside the synagogue’s committee are committed to working together on further perimeter protection measures to the building and neighbouring places of worship. 

“Moving forward, both groups will work to continually improve the security of the area to ensure the protection of the community for the long term,” says Berry.

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