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APS: The best kept secret in the security industry


Based in Stirling, Central Scotland, Advanced Perimeter Systems (APS) is a perimeter security system designer and manufacturer. For almost 40 years, the company has pursued a vision based on a passion for robust design, product development, reliability and customer care.

The company’s product range is designed with high security in mind, from the invisible Microguard to their Flexiguard acoustic sensor monitoring system.

APS cannot officially tell anyone about some of the military installations which use its high security products to monitor and secure some of a nations’ most secret defence organisations, troops and military hardware.

It’s also a secret that the company’s Flexiguard system is used to monitor and protect the perimeter of installations around the world, from palaces to power stations, test laboratories to theme parks, equestrian centres to elephant sanctuaries, sport centres to space launch pads.

However, what they can tell you is about how prisons, detention centres and correctional facilities around the world use Flexiguard to monitor perimeter activit, and alert guards and operators when there is any attempt to cut, climb or otherwise breach a perimeter – add to that a sterile zone monitored by the Microguard, and topped off by the Pulstar Electro-fence, and you’ve got a pretty secure facility.

To find out more information, contact APS on +44 (0) 1786 479862 or email them at sales@apsltd.net. You can also visit their website here.