ATG Access expands physical security portfolio with industry-first long span swing gate

October 8, 2021

ATG Access has announced the launch of its Vulcan Long-Span Gate, the industry’s first manual swing gate with a 12-metre clear opening to be successfully impact-tested to withstand impact from a 7,200kg vehicle travelling at 80kph.  

The gate, which has been impact tested to the IWA 14-1 standard, is simple and effortless in operation, making it ideal for securing large width entrances into critical national infrastructure or busy crowded spaces.

The Vulcan Long-Span gate is manufactured in aluminium, ensuring it is lightweight, while high-tech synthetic fibres provide its impressive stopping power.

“We pride ourselves on being a security partner, not just a supplier”

Iain Moran, director at ATG Access, said: “Our truly innovative, constantly evolving range of products is the result of the hard work of our engineering team and continual investment in R&D and certification and impact tests.

“We pride ourselves on being a security partner, not just a supplier, working closely alongside key security consultants and the government to develop bespoke security solutions the market really needs. No other 12m gate provides this level of protection, so we are really pleased to have been able to solve another real-world security challenge.”

Elegant in design, it is locked with a simple pin mechanism, and supplied as standard with a gate catch post to lock the product into the ‘open’ position as needed, always ensuring safety in operation.

The steel posts are hot dip galvanised as standard to BS EN ISO 1461 and are secured within removable sockets facilitating easy removal of the gate should this be required. Installation may be permanent, or the gate and posts may be placed in storage and deployed when necessary, providing flexibility for venues.

A variety of finishes are available, and the gate arm may also be fitted with signage or advertising panels, providing potential additional revenue streams for event organisers as an added benefit. 

Moran continued: “The Vulcan Long-Span Gate is an industry first, and will help to bolster the safety and security of critical national infrastructure and busy public spaces around the world, which is crucial at a time of ongoing global instability.”

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