Ava Group and the synergy between GJD and FFT

October 9, 2023


Robin Wilding-Webb, Ava Group’s Europe Sales Director on the power of multi-layered security with external detection and fibre technology.

In a world marked by evolving security threats, the importance of robust perimeter protection cannot be overlooked. A secure perimeter is the first line of defence against unauthorised intrusions and potential threats. The combined use of GJD and FFT products revolutionise perimeter security.

GJD Manufacturing Limited (GJD) and Future Fibre Technologies (FFT), are both part of the Ava Group. GJD is an industry leader in the design, manufacture and supply of professional external detection and illumination equipment and FFT manufactures a complete portfolio of fibre optic intrusion detection and sensing solutions, for the protection and monitoring of high value assets and critical infrastructure.

The synergy between GJD and FFT products provide security experts and end-customers with ultra-reliable security solutions with high probability of detection (POD), and significantly reduced Nuisance Alarm Rates (NAR) which are both typical industry challenges.

The evolution of perimeter protection

Traditional perimeter protection measures, such as physical fences, walls and barriers have served their purpose over the years, but modern security challenges demand much more sophisticated solutions. Intruders have become increasingly adept at bypassing conventional barriers. To combat this, security professionals are turning to a combination of advanced technologies, to create multi-layered security systems that offer comprehensive protection, to various sectors such as high-end residential, commercial, industrial, critical infrastructure, prisons and airports – just to name some.

Advantages of motion detectors with fibre technology

Multi-layered security involves the integration of multiple security measures to create a more robust defence strategy. When it comes to perimeter protection, this approach offers strong advantages:

GJD’s external detectors are designed to complement traditional security measures. They use a combination of passive infrared (PIR), microwave and laser technology to detect movement accurately, even in adverse weather conditions. These detectors are a crucial component of multi-layered security systems, as they provide real-time alerts about potential threats approaching the perimeter.

FFT’s fibre optic technology in perimeter security is a game-changer. Fibre optic cables, when strategically installed along the perimeter, can detect even the slightest disturbances. These disturbances are then analysed to determine if they are caused by an intruder, wildlife, or environmental factors through FFT’s proprietary Machine Learning platform.

High genuine capture rate: One of the most compelling advantages of combining motion detectors with fibre technology is the substantial increase in capture rates, while keeping unwanted alarm triggers to an absolute minimum.

Real-time monitoring: Fibre optic cables continuously monitor the entire length of the perimeter or protected asset. When combined with GJD’s precision motion detectors, this real-time monitoring becomes a multi layered self-verification platform which can instantly detect intruders, allowing security personnel to act quickly to a reliable alert.   

Precise intruder location: Fibre sensing technology can pinpoint the exact location of an intrusion or event to within 1m. This precision is invaluable for security personnel responding to the threat, as they know precisely where to focus their efforts and plan their response.

Reduced unwanted alarms: FFT’s Fibre technology is less prone to unwanted alarms caused by environmental factors like wind or rain. When motion detectors are integrated, they further refine the system’s ability to distinguish between genuine intruder threats and harmless disturbances.

Scalability: These systems are highly scalable, making them suitable for a variety of applications, from small residential installs to expansive industrial facilities and airports.

Precise, accurate and reliable detection

External motion detectors and fibre technology provided by GJD and FFT offer reliable and trustworthy intruder detection solutions.  

GJD’s detectors have a programmable detection range from 2cm to 500m, plus adjustable field of view, meaning the installer can set unique alarm zones regardless of the size/layout of the area to create pre-warning and critical alerts. GJD detectors avoid boundary overspill, which ensures precise and reliable intruder detection at both short and long distances. 

FFT’s fibre solutions provide cost-effective, easy to install perimeter systems range from small sites right up to the state-of-the-art Aura Ai-X used in military and Defence applications, which offers exceptional event classification accuracy using Machine Learning technology, resulting in the highest POD with near-zero nuisance alarms.

Real-World applications

The versatility of multi-layered security solutions incorporating GJD and FFT technologies extends to various real-world applications:

Critical infrastructure: Data centres store critical information and are prime targets for cyberattacks and physical breaches. Multi-layered security, combining GJD’s detectors and FFT’s fibre technology provides protection for these sites.

Oil and gas facilities: Remote oil and gas installations are vulnerable to theft, sabotage, and environmental damage. A multi-layered detection approach ensures comprehensive protection against a range of threats.

Residential properties: Homeowners can also benefit from multi-layered security. By integrating external detectors and fibre technology, residents can enjoy peace of mind, knowing their property is secure.

Prisons: Multi-layered security systems in prisons reduce nuisance alarms and expedite response times. These systems make it harder to smuggle contraband, and enhance the safety of staff, inmates and the general public.

Airports: GJD’s external detectors maintain airport security 24/7 by detecting unauthorised attempts to breach the perimeter. Fibre optic sensors add an extra layer of security by detecting disturbances along the perimeter fence, preventing potential intrusions. This multi-layered approach creates a safer environment for passengers and staff, ensuring the efficient and secure operation of airports.

Innovative perimeter protection solutions

The collaboration between GJD and FFT represents a cutting-edge approach to perimeter security. By combining external detection technology with advanced fibre optic solutions, they offer a multi-layered security system that is robust, efficient, cost-effective and adaptable to various applications.

In a world where security threats continually evolve, these innovative solutions provide the reliable protection needed to safeguard critical assets and ensure peace of mind for individuals and organisations alike

About the author

Robin Wilding-Webb is Ava Group’s Sales Director for Europe.

Robin holds an MSc in Information Systems Management and Leadership, boasts a decade-long security industry career. His skill for spotting growth prospects and creating effective plans consistently fuels project success and enhances manufacturing business profitability in the industry.

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