Bold Communications joins Dahua Eco Partner Program

June 9, 2021


Monitoring platform provider Bold Communications and Dahua Technology are pleased to announce that Bold has joined the ECO Partner Program. The Program is designed to create a closer integration and development relationship between Dahua and technology providers, with parties working to deliver an integrated monitoring solution for commercial ARCs and private control rooms. 

Security solutions typically require technology from more than one manufacturer. An integrated system will often incorporate legacy equipment, new technology and multiple product types. In the control room, a tool is needed to process the interaction between devices and present information, and tasks, to the operator in a clear and simple interface. This requires high level system design and co-operation – the ECO Partner Program provides a platform for the process.

“Interoperability is key for the monitoring business. Together with our technology partners, we are driven to develop more comprehensive solutions for the industry,” says James Wang, Dahua Vice President and General Manager of UK & Ireland. “The ECO Partner Program not only focuses on technical enhancements. It also offers our business partners the opportunity to explore our ecosystem and network with vendors with compatible solutions.”

Bold software supports compliance with industry standards for alarm and CCTV monitoring, using video verification to filter false activations and support an appropriate response. Alarm events can be generated by Dahua analytics, VMD or a third-party detection device and received by Gemini with live and pre-alarm video. With false, nuisance and duplicate alarms filtered out, and all information, video and handling tasks presented in a single display, the operator can focus on handling genuine alarm activations.

Integrated Visual Protection (IVP), a NSI Gold accredited ARC in London, provides specialist security services throughout the UK. The Bold Gemini platform enables IVP to provide a range of alarm and CCTV monitoring services, with Dahua a popular option.  Operations Director, Piers Brown, commented: “To deliver a premium monitoring service for our clients means our operations have to be robust, seamless and efficient. Combining high quality CCTV images with fully featured ARC software helps us meet that standard.”   

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