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Braverman to sign deal Channel security deal with France

November 14, 2022


UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman is to sign a deal with France to tackle the growing problem of illegal small boat crossings in the English Channel.

Mrs Braverman will agree to spend millions more to pay for increased patrols of the coast of northern France, the launch pad of the people smugglers operations.

The number of people who have arrived in flimsy, overloaded vessels has reached a record 40,000.


Mrs Braverman claimed there will be a 40% uplift in the number of French gendarmes controlling the French beaches”.

The payments will go up from £55m a year to £63m, under the revised agreement and the number of officers patrolling the French coast to try to stop people setting off will rise from 200 to 300.

Prime Minister said the problem cannot be remedied overnight.

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