Bridewell reveals participation in Microsoft Security Copilot Preview

January 23, 2024


Bridewell - Microsoft

Bridewell has announced its participation in the Microsoft Security Copilot Partner Private Preview. 

According to Bridewell, the company was selected based on its experience with Microsoft Security technologies, willingness to explore and provide feedback on functionality.  

“AI is one of the defining technologies of our time and has the potential to drive meaningful, step-change progress in cybersecurity,” said Ann Johnson, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Security Business Development.  

“Security is a team sport and we are pleased to work alongside our Security Copilot partner ecosystem to deliver customers solutions that enhance cyber defences and make the promise of AI real.” 

Bridewell is working with Microsoft product teams to help Security Copilot product development, including validation and refinement of new and upcoming scenarios. 

As well as providing feedback on product development and operations to be incorporated into future product releases and validation and feedback of APIs to assist with Security Copilot extensibility. 

Microsoft’s mission 

“We must remember that AI is more than a trend; it’s fundamentally reshaping the cyber threat landscape,” said Martin Riley, Director of Managed Security Services at Bridewell.  

“Our security analysts and cyber threat intelligence teams have seen first-hand that AI is a powerful tool that can be a potent ally for organisations looking to defend against the latest threats.  

“We look forward to collaborating with Microsoft’s product teams, leveraging this initiative to enhance our understanding and application of AI in cybersecurity.  

“This partnership is not just a milestone, but an essential step in offering customers the most advanced and secure solutions in these changing times.”  

According to Microsoft, Security Copilot is the “first” AI-powered security product that enables security professionals to respond to threats, process signals at machine speed and assess risk exposure in minutes.  

It combines an advanced large language model (LLM) with a security-specific model that is informed by Microsoft’s global threat intelligence and more than 65 trillion daily signals. 

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