Brivo publishes 2024 Global Security Trends report

March 20, 2024



Brivo has released its 2024 Top Global Security Trends report, which details the most important changes for physical security teams across the globe.

Brivo’s seventh annual trends report is based on 850 responses from security professionals across the UK, US and Europe, asking the opinions of physical security teams in financial services, technology & IT, manufacturing, retail and more.

Key trends

Among the key trends detailed in the report is the desire to integrate new security technology with existing systems to better manage people and facilities.

Another key trend is high expectations of AI technology, with a need for greater skills and access to data.

The report also shows the continuing evolution of the CSO (Chief Security Officer) role in leading AI implementations.

While more important than ever, many lack the appropriate budget or authority to take full advantage of new technologies—posing a challenge to upgrading security systems.

Brivo’s findings

Key findings from the report include:

  • 36% of security teams lack confidence in their system’s ability to keep their employees and facilities safe, with this rising to almost half in front-line roles.
  • Ease of integration with other systems was a bigger barrier to adopting new technology than budget constraints.
  • 60% of large enterprises in the U.S. will invest over $1 million annually in AI over the next three years. 
  • 74% of security professionals see the CSO role as increasingly important in organizations but agree that increased authority and budget are needed to meet security objectives.

Embracing new technologies

“This year’s report has a lot to be optimistic about,” said Steve Van Till, Founder and CEO of Brivo.

“The security industry wants to embrace new technologies and there is investment and belief in new advances.

“At the heart of these changes will be the CSO and they will need support to make this a success.

“Security integrators have an opportunity to be trusted advisors to the CSO.

“Getting technological change right and integrating it into the greater organizational strategy will require strong partnerships.”

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