CAE earns Cisco XDR Solution Specialisation

August 2, 2023


CAE Technology Services has achieved Cisco Extended Detection and Response (XDR) Solution Specialisation in the UK – making CAE the second UK partner to achieve this status.

Cisco XDR is an adaptable security solution developed to deliver visibility into data across networks, clouds, endpoints and applications – whilst applying analytics and automation to detect, analyse and remediate today’s and tomorrow’s threats.

CAE Cisco XDR Solution Specialisation partnership: what it means

CAE is Cisco’s current UK&I Security Partner of the Year and is one of the early adopters of XDR. CAE’s cyber security experts were part of the trial group of partners that Cisco handpicked to work with to help refine, shape and develop the product.

Gisli Helgason, Chief Technologist, Security & Networks, at CAE, said, “By earning this specialisation, we are able to better support our customers quickly to analyse, prioritise, hunt for and eliminate cyber security threats – working to prevent data loss and security breaches.

“Cisco made us early adopters and involved us in the trial which reflects the trust and value they have in us as a partner.”

As a Cisco XDR Solution Specialisation partner, CAE gains exclusive access to Cisco’s innovative XDR technology stack and advanced threat detection capabilities. This strategic partnership empowers CAE to offer enhanced protection against sophisticated cyber threats and streamline incident response across their network, endpoints and cloud infrastructure.

CAE a trusted cybersecurity advisor

This latest accreditation comes just weeks after CAE and Cisco unveiled their new security strategy and vision for a zero-trust architecture at a closed event at the Churchill War Rooms in London.

Through this new specialisation, CAE strengthens its position as a trusted cybersecurity advisor, delivering comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the unique security challenges faced by UK businesses today.

“This partnership reinforces our shared commitment to safeguarding our customers’ digital assets and infrastructure against the increasing sophistication of cyber threats.

By integrating Cisco’s cutting-edge XDR technology into our solutions, we are equipped to offer comprehensive protection and empower our customers to confidently navigate the digital realm,” concluded Helgason.

About Gisli Helgason

Gisli Helgasonis a Network and Security technologist at IT infrastructure solutions provider, CAE Technology Services Ltd (CAE).

With 26 years of experience in the industry, Gisli has been at CAE for over seven years, and is responsible for the Cisco technical strategy.

His deep knowledge of Cisco systems and ability to translate technical concepts into practical solutions have enabled him to build CAE’s network and security solutions to benefit CAE’s customers.

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