Campaign Catapult partners with new cyber specialist

April 3, 2024



Campaign Catapult, an end-to-end service portfolio, has partnered with UK-based cyber, defence, physical security communications and engagement specialist Clare Lampitt.

Campaign Catapult, a strategic partnership formed by international tech strategy and PR firms Allan Panthera and Pravo Consulting in May 2021, currently targets current and aspiring disruptive leaders in a range of segments including Uncrewed Aerial Vehicle (UAV) manufacturers, sensor and software innovators, counter drones, the wider technology supply chain, robotics industries and AI-and science applications.

The partnership is joined by Clemily Consulting, founded by Lampitt.

A partnership with experience

“Campaign Catapult has increasingly become the go-to-solution for disruptive technology players worldwide and builds on the extensive contacts and track record of both Allan-Panthera-Pravo Consulting,” said Philip Hicks, Founder and Principal Consultant of Pravo Consulting.

“The addition of Clemily Consulting to the partnership brings in additional defence and security experience allowing us to further develop our offering to clients involved with military applications.”

As a Prosci-qualified Business Change Practitioner and Communications & Engagement Consultant, Lampitt has a proven track record of exceptional corporate and Business Change communication and stakeholder skills and a natural ability to successfully motivate others, the company reports.

Her role in the civilian sector, focused on security and defence including the dynamic cyber space, follows a 24-year career with the British Army.

Service in the military involved a spectrum of roles including communication links with multinational military units and their chain of command with regular visits and communication to aid in multinational investigations.

An opportunity across a range of sectors

Lampitt has helped clients in their development and delivery of communications plans for a developmental IT platform, supporting the project team, identifying and engaging with potential customers.

Involved in the uplift of communications to 2000 staff members from the outset of lockdown during Covid, moving from previous physical events to virtual, introducing the workforce to the new way of working, maintaining morale through a wide use of a variety of communications channels and styles.

“This is an exciting opportunity to apply my experience across a range of sectors, at a critical time when responsible, appropriate and targeted communications and messaging, especially in the areas of defence and security, has never been more important,” said Lampitt.

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