Check Point show Russian-related cyber attacks rise

February 22, 2023


Security specialists Check Point Research (CPR) claims cyber attacks related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine has jumped 57% in the past six months.

CPR said it was a “turning point” in the evolution of such criminality.

Weekly cyber-attacks against Ukraine decreased by 44%, while those against NATO countries jumped by nearly 57% in some cases.

CPR lists wipers, multi-pronged attacks and hacktivism as key trends and forces as factors in the pivot.

Its research concludes:

• Cyber-attacks against Russia saw a steady increase of 9% since September 2022;
• Estonia, Poland and Denmark saw increases of 57%, 31%, and 31%, respectively;
• UK and the US saw increases of 11% and 6%, respectively.

When looking back, CPR noticed a difference in cyber-attacks when comparing the periods of March–September 2022 and October 2022 to February 2023.

The numbers:
• 44% decrease in average number of weekly attacks per organization against Ukraine, from 1,555 attacks to 877
• 9% increase in the average number of weekly attacks per organization against Russian Federation, from 1,505 to 1,635
• Increases in cyber-attacks against NATO countries

Sergey Shykevich, Threat Intelligence Group Manager at Check Point Research: “We see a change in the direction of cyber-attacks at a specific point during the war.

“Starting the third quarter of 2022, we see a decline in the attacks against Ukraine, while also seeing increases in the attacks against certain NATO countries.

“We see the deployed efforts especially against specific NATO countries that are more hostile to Russia. Some of those attacks are malware attacks, and some of those are focused on information operations around specific political, geo-political and military events.”


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