Check Point urges cyber caution after Uber hack

December 14, 2022

A leading cyber security expert from Check Point has urged organisations of all sizes to be cautious after Uber suffered another data breach.

According to reports, a threat actor leaked stolen Uber employee email addresses, corporate reports and IT asset information.

The hacker, called ‘UberLeaks’, began leaking data they claimed was stolen from Uber and Uber Eats on a hacking forum known for publishing data breaches.

Deryck Mitchelson, Field CISO at Check Point Software said: “The most recent Uber breach should act as a stark reminder that just because you’ve been targeted once, doesn’t mean you are now immune to another breach.

“Cybersecurity is a continuous journey of evaluation and action, and organizations cannot afford to let prevention slip down the priorities list.


“While it appears no customer data has been exposed, we should all be on high alert for a rapid influx of phishing emails, a type of social engineering tactic that we’re continuing to see time and time again.

“This is when hackers will use various outlets to lure users into handing over private data, including passwords or banking information.

“For businesses, it’s critical that staff are made aware of this risk and taking advantage of current technologies that can keep companies protected by proactively guarding against these types of threats.”

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