Check Point’s showcase for 2023 ‘tipping point’

March 15, 2023

Global cybersecurity provider Check Point Software Technologies Ltd has kicked off its annual customer and partner event, CPX 360, in Munich this week.

The three-day showcase brings together leading experts from the sector to explore the latest solutions and strategies that protect organizations against the most sophisticated cyber security threats.

Gil Shwed, Founder and CEO of Check Point Software Technologies took to the stage to explore KEY themes set to shake up the industry. During his keynote ‘Level Up to the Best Security’, Shwed called 2023 ‘the year of AI.’

Shwed said: “Every few years, the industry experiences a major shift and we’re currently in the midst of the AI revolution.

“For a decade, Check Point has consistently been investing and building it into our systems, with more than half of our threat engines using this technology to ensure complex infrastructures can stay protected.

“For me, 2023 is the tipping point for AI as we begin to become more dependent on its capabilities in daily life, and it cements itself as an integral part of how we defend our evolving networks.”

Shwed elaborated on what he had observed over the last year and how businesses can prepare for this shift.


He stated that the continued commitment to hybrid working has resulted in more than a 50% increase in the number of digital devices used per person.

This coincides with a rise in both the number of cyberattacks and the level of sophistication, with Check Point seeing a 38% increase in cyberattacks globally.

Shwed added: “For many businesses, the problem is that their products don’t work together, it’s simply too complex.

“We need to ensure that all systems are communicating with each other to contain the risk if breached. This isn’t currently standard practice and in 2023, that will make businesses vulnerable.”

Shwed’s vision is reflected in the company’s prevention-first approach to cybersecurity, delivered through the three Cs of best security: Comprehensive, Consolidated and Collaborative.

Organisations deserve a solution that covers all vectors to prevent an incident from occurring in the first place, can consolidate architecture to enhance security coordination and effectiveness and integrate with third-party systems to deliver the most accurate real-time data.

During the event, Check Point’s Vice President of Product Management, Eyal Manor also shared the latest product enhancements designed to protect against the threats observed by Check Point Research.

Specifically, the launch of Check Point Infinity Global Services, an end-to-end security service that will help organizations prevent advanced cyber threats, respond to widespread attacks and enhance every aspect of their security resilience.

Manor highlighted how this launch has stemmed from the growing complexity of cybersecurity and the lack of qualified professionals to manage it, with a skills gap of 3.4 million in the industry.

Maya Horowitz, Vice President of Research, was also in attendance and took the audience on a journey through history, reflecting on Check Point’s ability to meticulously decode, analyze and pivot through data to identify new threats and find ways to block them rapidly.

She referenced Queen Monarchs of the past to illustrate the complexities of hacking groups such as Conti, the increased tension of geopolitics which have now moved into the cyber dimension, as well as the shift from attacking individuals to critical infrastructure that is cause for concern.

Customers, employees and partners also heard from several other Check Point executives including Ofir Israel, Vice President of Threat Prevention, who continued the conversation around the impact of AI, looking at cyber warfare and how this technology has changed the world of cybersecurity.

CPX EMEA gives attendees unrivaled access to the best practices and insights to secure and manage the security landscape.

Employees, partners and customers will be given the opportunity to attend in-depth panel discussions that offer a sneak peek of Check Point’s new product announcements and expert predictions to advance security planning for 2023.

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