Christmas advice for businesses from Licensing SAVI

November 14, 2022


Christmas is coming and businesses are being offered advice the police-backed Licensing Security & Vulnerability Initiative (Licensing SAVI) to make sure their patrons enjoy the festive season safely.

The aim by Licensing SAVI is to provide sensible and straightforward guidance to venues and their management.

Many business owners, particularly in the hospitality sector, are keen to have a profitable Christmas after the COVID-10 related problems of the past two years.

The service writes:
Everyone is fully aware of the challenges of recent months, firstly with COVID, followed by resourcing issues and now austerity and the energy crisis, so Licensing SAVI is offering the following advice to venues ahead of the festive period.

• Review venue policies and risk assessments to ensure they’re current, with a focus upon vulnerability and safety. Free templates, including women’s safety and the recently added incident and refusal logs, along with numerous other resources and signposting to initiatives such as ‘Ask for Angela’ and ‘Ask for Clive’ are available within Licensing SAVI

• Use the policies as the basis for staff briefings and training, encouraging discussion as staff understanding what to look for and the role they play is key to success

• Check Premises Licence conditions to ensure plans are compliant, especially when considering using space differently such as outside areas which may not have been used before; and submit Temporary Event Notices where necessary as early as possible

• Review your available resources – if you need the additional support of Security Industry Authority (SIA) registered Door Supervisors or any other staff, then plan early as we know recent challenges exist

• Ensure staff are wearing branded uniforms/badges so customers know who to ask for assistance

• Consider using polycarbonate or similar drinking vessels, decant any bottles to reduce risk of injury or harm, and ask staff to clear rubbish quickly and remove to secure storage

• Run sensible drinking promotions such as a Designated Driver Scheme or Club Soda scheme and make free water available

• Remind staff about your Challenge 21/25 age-identification schemes to manage underage drinkers and that it is an offence to serve a drunk person (or on behalf of drunk person)

• Encourage staff to be on the look-out for drink spiking, monitor unattended drinks and provide immediate assistance to customers feeling dizzy, disorientated or showing signs of intoxication; also for the venue to provide signage warning not to leave drinks unattended

• Display or ensure staff have available the phone numbers of reputable taxi companies and / or signpost nearby transport hubs, and consider your dispersal plans when everyone leaves at the same time

• Check smoke alarms are working and keep decorations clear of exits to allow for escape in emergency and ensure staff know their role in emergency procedures

• The terrorist threat is ‘substantial’ which means an attack is ‘likely’. Crowded places are particularly at risk. Managers and staff will need to be vigilant for anything out of the ordinary or that doesn’t feel right no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. Call your local police on 101 or in an emergency 999. For further information on action to counter terrorism visit: find out what to look out for and how to keep yourself and others safe or | Protect UK.

Licensing Security & Vulnerability Initiative (Licensing SAVI)
At the request of the Home Office, Police Crime Prevention Initiatives (Police CPI), a police organisation that works alongside the Police Service to deter and reduce crime, has launched Licensing SAVI, which is the most comprehensive, single source of information for licensed premises to obtain all the guidance, advice and standards they need to comply with the Licensing Act 2003 and run safe and secure venues.
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