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Taking a closer look at current security industry trends

May 30, 2022

Buzz Coates, Security Solutions Specialist, Norbain SD delves into the top trends we are witnessing in the security industry.

Wireless in video surveillance

Within video surveillance itself, we are seeing continued increased interest in systems using 4G and 5G communications along with wireless solutions. These technologies can offer a cost-effective solution with the potential of improved performance and reliability as long as any possible limitations are considered, such as an unbroken line of sight.

Deep learning analytics

We are receiving increased enquiries about solutions containing analytics. Analytics offer three main benefits to the customer – they can provide highly accurate post-event search capabilities, they can recognise unusual behaviour, alert security staff and prevent an incident from progressing.

Self-learning devices powered by AI or analytics can distinguish between what is expected and what isn’t and offer a potentially significant reduction in false alarms for businesses and consumers.

Cloud-based solutions

2020 accelerated the acceptance of cloud-based solutions, particularly within access control systems which are making faster progress than video surveillance in exploiting the benefits of this technology. For security installers, cloud-based solutions offer several potential benefits. These include reduced installation time, complexity and cost along with the ability to remotely carry out much of the maintenance and management of such systems.

Biometrics and contactless solutions

Door entry is enjoying quite a resurgence in business as UK employees continue to return to the office and hybrid working becomes commonplace. We’re witnessing the continued growth of biometric technology within access control systems – across facial recognition, fingerprint, hand and retina.

Access with smart technology is gaining momentum, with smart devices used as a credential. QR code technology is achieving noteworthy traction as a visitor management tool. All of this affords the customer considerable cost savings, in addition to better security.

Developments within intruder detection

The intruder market continues to enjoy significant interest. As crime has gone up in certain areas, we’ve seen that end users are prepared to invest in better security solutions to protect their properties and assets. Intruder detection solutions utilising wireless technology, along with home automation, are on a strong upward trajectory, accelerating the growth in the residential and small business marketplace.

We’re also witnessing strong sales in perimeter protection, linked to the above, with detectors and radar generating considerable enquiries.

Specific technologies

Looking at specific technologies, multi-sensor cameras are rightly enjoying a surge in installation. These can offer great savings in both time and money for installers and end customers, both immediately and in the longer term.

ANPR within access control has really advanced and it is now possible to verify not just a vehicle’s number plate, but the make, model and colour. Facial recognition is also worth a specific mention because it continues to develop in accuracy as the legislation around it slowly becomes clearer.

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