CloudGuard opens Security Operations Centre in Manchester

July 1, 2024



Microsoft security automation specialist and Managed Security Services Provider, CloudGuard, has announced the launch of its Security Operations Centre (SOC) in Manchester. 

This strategic move aims to meet growing customer demand, providing 24x7x365 security expertise to both UK and international businesses. This expansion is particularly beneficial for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that often lack the resources and talent to build and manage their own SOC teams effectively.

CloudGuard capitalises on Manchester as “cyber hub”

Following the recent relocation of its Head Office to Manchester, CloudGuard continues to strengthen its presence in the city, capitalising on Manchester’s growing reputation as a major cyber hub. The expanded SOC will offer unparalleled security services, including operational and incident response, security product support, threat hunting, security automation, and advanced data science.

Matt Lovell, CEO of CloudGuard said: “As our customers and their requirements continue to change and evolve, so must we. We are delighted to now include greater round-the-clock UK-based security expertise at all levels from our Manchester home. Manchester is rapidly becoming a major cyber hub for talent and expertise, and our growing partnership with universities in the area to accelerate our data science and automation developments is really exciting.”

Protecting SMEs

Since launching its managed SOC service in 2022, CloudGuard has provided essential cybersecurity solutions, addressing the increasingly frequent, targeted, and sophisticated attacks faced by SMEs. The SOC’s services now include comprehensive email and integrated application security monitoring, operational technology (OT), and incident response (IR) expertise. This ensures that solutions are fully tailored to meet each business’ unique security needs.

CloudGuard’s automation-led approach, combined with human intervention for contextual understanding and product expertise, ensures a seamless and integrated incident resolution experience. The newly launched SOC will now offer round-the-clock detection, response, support, and resolution, giving customers peace of mind knowing their cybersecurity needs are met comprehensively.

Matt added: “Our commitment to continually improving our customers’ cybersecurity posture through AI and automation remains at the core of CloudGuard. Our Guardians work closely with customers to understand their evolving business changes and threat landscapes, helping to continually improve cyber posture and reduce risks.”

CloudGuard has established long-term strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Microsoft, Recorded Future, Dragos, CrowdStrike, Google, Sophos, and Tenable. Recently, these partnerships have expanded to include Fortinet, CloudFlare, Abnormal, and Wiz. These collaborations improve CloudGuard’s capabilities to provide closer integration and AI-driven cyber automated response to resolution for email, network, cloud services, and enhanced user behavioural analytics.

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