The rise of on-demand private security in the UK

May 18, 2022


There’s a common theme within police forces in the UK in that there are too many crimes and not enough resources available to respond. The Home Office have responded by attempting to hire 22,000 new Police Offices, but according to their own figures, around 7,000 leave every year, so resourcing pressures are unlikely to improve any time soon.

The Police are fighting hard to protect life and property but they have to make tough decisions over where to send their resources. They have no choice but to apply the ‘immediate’ grade responses to verified threats to life and property only. Unverified reports are typically responded to within a two hour window, by which time assailants would have fled the scene and the damage would already be done.

Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs) provide much needed verification services through remote monitoring of alarms and CCTV, which helps the Police to prioritise a response. Man Guarding solutions provide on-site security and responses but are an expensive resource and somewhat of a luxury for most businesses. However, due to pandemic profit pressures, many businesses have cut back on man guarding, remote monitoring and CCTV maintenance.

So, despite the glaring need for remote monitoring and onsite responses, businesses are reducing man guarding and ARC services or cancelling contracts altogether. The paradox of an increasing need and a decreasing demand will see an increase in crime, the commoditisation of monitoring and man guarding contacts and the collapse of established ARCs and security firms. However, a new industry is blossoming; the rise of the on-demand private security response.

Using advanced technology, AURA is powering UK’s ARC’s with technology which enables them to find an onsite security response on-demand. This pay-as-you-need service is driving the adoption of private security contracts and on-site verification to protect people and property. It is the ultimate way for ARCs and security firms to differentiate their offering, retain existing customers, and win new contracts. Using an on-demand private security response technology is covering the widening gap in police response and will meet the customer security needs at a price they’re willing and able to pay.

For more information, visit: and find the UK ARCs embracing this new technology and offering this advanced service to businesses.

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