Corero Network Security SmartWall changes

October 19, 2022

Corero Network Security today announced significant enhancements to its SmartWall Threat Defense Director (SmartWall TDD) for Juniper Networks customers.

The comnpany provides real-time, high-performance, automatic Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) cyber defense solutions.

The latest enhancements extend DDoS protection to Juniper’s PTX Series Routers alongside its MX Series.

SmartWall TDD not only offers seamless integration into Juniper’s MX Series Universal Routing Platforms and PTX Series and stops DDoS attack traffic directly at the edge of the network in seconds, it also includes newly enhanced protections against DDoS carpet bombing, also known as ‘spread spectrum’ or ‘subnet’ attacks.

These additions make it easier than ever for Corero and Juniper customers to protect their networks against service downtime and maintain business continuity with cutting-edge, automatic DDoS protection.

The enhanced Corero SmartWall TDD integrates with Juniper routers to deliver one of the most innovative DDoS solutions in today’s cyber defense market.

DDoS attacks are becoming more sophisticated, and launching an attack is increasingly easy, with startlingly low barriers to entry for cybercriminals.

Numbers of recorded attacks are on the rise, with significant shifts in attackers’ motives and goals.

The latest trend of ‘carpet bombing’ sees attackers targeting a range of addresses, or entire subnets, rather than a single IP address.

This allows them to evade traditional and manual approaches to mitigation.

Although carpet bomb attacks are not new, their use is becoming more prevalent, posing a serious threat to unprotected internet service and hosting providers, as well as their downstream customers.

To address this, Juniper and Corero are building on their well-established, successful partnership, delivering a state-of-the-art solution against DDoS attacks.

Now integrated with Juniper’s PTX Series Routers and MX Series, Corero’s SmartWall DDoS software intelligence powers the DDoS solution with automatic, real-time detection and delivers line-rate mitigation through pre-integration with Juniper’s network infrastructure.

This direct integration means filters are added and removed in seconds, enabling fast detection and mitigation of attacks. Protection scales from 50 Gbps to 40Tbps and beyond as a customer grows.

It leverages always-on, packet-level monitoring, automated machine analysis and high-performance infrastructure-based enforcement across the network edge.

Corero CEO, Lionel Chmilewsky, said he is ‘delighted’ by the enhancements announced this week.

He added: “We are delighted to announce these significant enhancements to the Juniper and Corero joint DDoS defense solution.

“Our partnership equips Juniper with an industry-leading DDoS protection solution, leveraging its SDN-enabled PTX and MX Series routers and Corero’s software intelligence. Together we can deliver expert protection against the growing threat of DDoS.”

Samantha Madrid, Group Vice President, Security Business & Strategy at Juniper Networks, told SJUK: “This continued collaboration with Corero enables us to provide our customers with automatic, real-time protection against DDoS attacks while helping to eliminate service downtime.

“This is another tangible example of how we bring the Juniper Connected Security vision to life – safeguarding users, applications and infrastructure by extending security to every point of connection.”

Corero Network Security plc specialises in real-time, high-performance, automatic DDoS cyber defense solutions.

Service and hosting providers, alongside digital enterprises across the globe rely on Corero’s award-winning cybersecurity technology to eliminate the threat of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) to their digital environment through automatic attack protection, coupled with network visibility, analytics, and reporting.

Corero’s industry leading SmartWall and SecureWatch technology maintains business continuity, with real-time scalable protection against external DDoS attackers and internal DDoS botnets in the most complex edge and subscriber environments.

Corero’s key operational centers are located in Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA and Edinburgh, UK, with the Company’s headquartered in Amersham, near London. The Company is also listed on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM market under the ticker CNS.

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