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CornerStone GRG Ltd gains Digital Security Provider accreditation

May 13, 2021


CornerStone GRG Limited is one of the largest dedicated Security Consultancies to be recognised as a Digital Security Provider by the Police Digital Security Centre (Police DSC).

CornerStone & Police DSC

CornerStone is an award winning, independent security consultancy firm providing a range of Cyber and Risk Management, Security Design and Engineering Services. The company help organisations protect their people, premises, intellectual property and profits by identifying security threats and minimising the risks that today’s global businesses face.

The company provides some of the largest and most successful companies in the world with expert guidance, unbiased advice and support across our specialist range of activities for new and existing sites.

With 65,000 cybersecurity attacks on UK SMEs daily, and 41% of UK consumers claiming they will never return to a business that has had a security breach, investing in cybersecurity has never been more important.

With this ever increasing threat to SMEs, who often struggle to find the expertise and funding to implement effective cybersecurity, the Police DSC developed the Digital Security Provider certification scheme in collaboration with BSI (British Standards Institution). The scheme helps SMEs make informed decisions when choosing a vendor and promotes vendors who take time to understand their customers and deliver solutions that are tailored to their needs.

The certification recognises that CornerStone can provide solutions in the field of digital security which genuinely solve their clients’ problems. 

“I look forward to working with the team”

Cheyne Marley, Cyber Development Officer at the Police DSC, said: “Matt and the team at CornerStone should be congratulated on their commitment to becoming certified as a trusted Police DSC Digital Security Provider. I look forward to working with the team to develop our relationship in order to improve cybersecurity within the UK’s business world.”

CornerStone added: “Having delivered Cyber Risk Consultancy for some time our achievement of Provider Status with the Police DSC is a prized addition to our existing business accreditations, and is a great indicator of our efforts to continuously strive for excellence and ensure our Consultancy provides the best level of service to our customers. We would like to thank Cheyne Marley of the Police DSC, and the BSI Assessors, for the work we did in partnership that led to our Provider Certification.

“We look forward to building the relationship further with the Police DSC, and continuing to improve cybersecurity for businesses”.

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