Corsight AI launches FRT flagship GDPR product Fortify

June 22, 2022

Corsight AI, a provider of Facial Recognition Technology (FRT), has launched the latest version of its flagship product, Fortify.

The new suite of privacy settings empowers the data operator and protects the data subject to address both existing and emerging industry standards.

Corsight AI says the privacy upgrade codifies the requirements for software to ensure Data Protection by design and by default – a legally required under General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules.

A company statement said: “While a global benchmark in privacy and ethical standards, the GDPR ensures operators proactively comply with the requirements of Article 25 and holds operators legally accountable if they process data and fail to utilise systems that protect data privacy.

“As the first FRT provider on the market to codify such requirements, Corsight has implemented some of the most advanced privacy settings in the industry. The more granular privacy options enable increased visibility to better manage biometric data, allowing full understanding of which data is stored, for how long and why.

“The solution also allows full pseudonymisation of data, enabling market analysis of information without compromising personal data security.”

This announcement from Corsight shortly follows the release of guidance from the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) relating to fines and rationale for issuing fines under GDPR.

As a result, many regulatory bodies have already begun cracking down on the unlawful use of FRT.

As regulators start to increase fines under GDPR for non-compliance, the latest Fortify software provides reassurance that every measure has been taken to support and protect operators, reduce the risk of regulatory fines, and to ensure organisations maintain full adherence to global privacy principles.

Tony Porter, Chief Privacy Officer at Corsight AI said: “There are known issues with privacy, data and ethics within the facial recognition industry, and we’ve seen countless calls to action for further regulation and compliance.

“At Corsight, we’re not only looking at current legislation or the future EU AI act, but beyond it too.

“We’re getting ahead of lawmakers, regulators and the rest of the FRT industry in order to pave the way for privacy and ethics within AI-powered technology.

“We’re changing the face of facial recognition and making sure these solutions can be used as a force for good in society.”

In addition to software enhancements, Corsight AI is working closely with data operators in the ethical use of its software. This lies testament to Corsight’s dedication to supporting those implementing its technology, as well as protecting the rights of the general public.

The technology is powered by Autonomous AI, the most advanced artificial intelligence system.

Corsight AI works with government agencies and companies in a variety of sectors, including law enforcement, aviation, retail, entertainment, and more.

It was named ‘SME of the Year’ at the 2021 British Security Awards.

This follows their award win at the fourth annual AI Breakthrough Awards, as they won gold in the “Best Facial Recognition System” category in 2021.

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