Crossword Cybersecurity agrees partnership with Boost

May 30, 2024



Crossword Cybersecurity has agreed a partnership with Boost to distribute Crossword’s full suite of cybersecurity products across Europe.

Boost, the key operations and logistics partner across Croatia, will support Crossword by providing clients with its ISO audit accreditation support services, enabling them to receive ISO certification and maintain compliance with standards.

“Crossword is very pleased to have finalised this agreement with Boost,” said Stuart Jubb, Group Managing Director, Crossword.

“We’re looking forward to amplifying the reach and exposure of Trillion through the partner’s vast network, enabling partners of all sizes to help their clients protect themselves against threats.”

What does the partnership include?

Crossword Cybersecurity’s Trillion and Rizikon platforms and Nightingale Security Monitoring will become available through the distributor’s extensive community of small and medium-sized businesses across Europe.

Boost and Crossword will additionally be working in collaboration with ongoing onboarding and support services, providing the specialist advisory required across the UK and Europe.

Trillion is a Threat Intelligence platform that continuously tracks, correlates and analyses billions of stolen user credentials and hunts for digital indicators that could be relevant to an organisation’s security defences.

The platform provides the ideal solution for businesses looking to protect end user data at scale through the Breached Credentials and HarVista products.

Rizikon is a Supplier Assurance platform which enables organisations to capture the information from third parties required to identify, quantify and mitigate supply chain cyber risks, while ensuring compliance.

Nightingale Security Monitoring is a service run through Crossword’s security operations centre (SOC) and provides monitoring and analysis of an organisation’s security posture on an ongoing basis, identifying any potential threats in real-time.

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