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Free cybersecurity platform from FortKnoxster to be offered to journalists to help fight snooping and hacks


FortKnoxster, the secure messaging and communications application, has responded to the recent reports of attacks on journalists using the NSO Group’s spyware by making their enterprise communication platform available to all journalists and newsrooms at no cost.

“We see this as a defining moment in the fight for free speech and we have the security technology to protect journalists and their sources. Making our product available to reporters for free is the right thing to do, as we would like to support the cause of privacy and peace of mind when communicating and sharing sensitive information and data,” says Niels Klitsgaard, CEO of FortKnoxster.

“We are happy to support and help journalists, media houses and alike by offering our platform free of charge.
Privacy and cybersecurity in general are extremely important these days, but unfortunately it’s not easy finding
the right tools in order to safeguard communications and data. We built an easy and extremely secure solution to mitigate this problem.”

Forbidden Stories and Amnesty International received a data dump of 50,000 phone numbers of potential spying targets and published news of the data leak on Sunday. The leak shows the unprecedented scale of the NSO Group’s spyware, called Pegasus, that is allegedly being used to spy on journalists, heads of state, human rights defenders, political opponents, lawyers, and diplomats.

Amnesty International reports: “NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware which, when surreptitiously installed on victims’ phones, allows an attacker complete access to the device’s messages, emails, media, microphone, camera, calls, and contacts.” Users do not need to click a link or download malicious files for the spyware to compromise their devices.

Klitsgaard adds: “There has been an alarming increase in cyberattacks on journalists and media outlets over the past few years. This is our contribution to help level the playing field and protect the freedom of the press.”

FortKnoxster’s Enterprise product – a complete messaging solution containing Inbox, chat, calls, video calls, storage etc. – all with default military-grade encryption – is now available for free to any journalist or newsroom upon request. Please contact:

The goal is to make it easier and safer for journalists to do their jobs, without the risks of 3. party snooping, surveillance and hacks. All the communication journalists need to do with their sources and internally can be done in a completely secure and end-to-end encrypted environment with the FortKnoxster web and native app.

FortKnoxster was born in 2018 and is being enjoyed in over 180 countries by a wide range of users. Any organization or enterprise can use FortKnoxster to safeguard their communications and data ie. large enterprises and SMEs, banks, law firms, government offices, medical, oil & gas, cybersecurity firms etc., while individuals are also making use of the application’s features in their everyday communications with friends and family.

For more information and details about the security specifications, please visit