Mask and temperature detection among major features added to CyberLink’s FaceMe Security

April 5, 2021

CyberLink – the AI and facial recognition technologies company – has recently announced significant enhancements to its FaceMe Security, adding to the company’s facial-recognition-based features such as people identification and contactless access control.

The updates include the ability to identify people with a high degree of precision even when wearing a mask, as well as mask detection and temperature measurement for health control. The solution now offers enhanced compatibility to a number of mainstream video management systems (VMS) and further optimisation to chipset support, including the cost-effective NVIDIA Jetson platform.

FaceMe Security

FaceMe Security comes with all the features needed to enable automated and contactless security monitoring, access control and health checks, each of which are relevant to organisations of all types and sizes, in all sectors of the economy. Small business owners can literally setup affordable single-computer, single-camera systems on their own. The same FaceMe Security solution’s robust and scalable architecture enables a rapid and easy deployment by system integrators anywhere, from single-location businesses to very large organisations.

Its flexibility, such as the ability to connect into existing IP cameras and run on multiple types of computers and workstations, often allows integrators to implement FaceMe Security across entire organisations, all from the server room. The polyvalence of its features and a collection of APIs ensure a seamless integration into systems such as visitor management, employee time and attendance, access control and automated door operation, in addition to connecting easily into existing surveillance and monitoring systems.

The newest edition of FaceMe Security Workstation allows for real-time face detection and facial template extraction at the edge. Optimised to run across a wide range of edge-based hardware, FaceMe Security Workstation can be deployed on high-end Windows workstations equipped with single or multiple NVIDIA Quadro GPUs for heavily trafficked areas of up to 80,000 people per hour.

“An all-inclusive solution”

“Biometric and vision technologies are setting new standards for IP surveillance deployments. Not only can solutions using top-tier facial recognition accurately verify identity, even for faces partially covered by a mask, but they can also detect if the mask is worn properly,” said Dr. Jau Huang, CEO of CyberLink.

“Powered by the world’s leading facial recognition technology, FaceMe Security is an all-inclusive solution that can completely overhaul existing IP surveillance infrastructures to deliver the latest security, access control and health screening capabilities, for organisations of all sizes, across all industries.”

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