Cybersecurity expert says gang smash is a win

January 27, 2023


A cybersecurity expert says a law enforcement agency smashing a gang of criminal hackers is a win “we should celebrate” and serves as a warning to others.

The FBI took down Hive Ransomware before it could extort $130m.

Muhammad Yahya Patel, Security Engineer at Check Point Software, said its out a signal that ransomware gangs are under surveillance.

Patel added: “Preventing Hive from taking $130 million is significant, and as such this takedown is a win that we should celebrate.

“It sends a strong message to ransomware gangs and has probably shaken some as they don’t know if they are also under surveillance.

“Despite this it’s important to recognise that these groups do usually reform under a new name or spread into other gangs, so we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves.”

He added: “However, this is a different approach to what we have seen in the past in terms of secretly helping victims which is promising, and I expect it has sent a clear message to other groups that we are able to disarm them and implement significant consequences.

“As such, with this success I expect we will see more of this technique as it could be a potentially quicker and easier way to hold those responsible accountable.”


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