Cybersecurity: Have you implemented the safeguards to secure your organisation?

April 12, 2024



In the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape, it is critical to recognise that physical security is an essential component of corporate cyber strategy and must be implemented in a cyber-secure manner.

HID & LenelS2, in close collaboration with Milestone Systems, are running an exclusive webinar on how to define and adapt deployed technologies to address customer risks.

The webinar promises to provide invaluable insights into revolutionizing cybersecurity strategies.

Cybersecurity strategies

As the 3 main actors in the Physical Security landscape, they have developed a ground-breaking methodology structured around a Tier-level framework, guiding organisations through options ranging from “Base” > “Good” > “Better” > “Best”, ensuring optimal cybersecurity solutions aligned with customers unique threats.

Don’t miss this opportunity to help enhance your cybersecurity strategies and safeguard your organisation against evolving threats.

Whether you’re a consultant advising clients or an end-user responsible for your organisation’s security, this webinar is tailored to empower you with actionable insights. Register for the webinar

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