Cybersecurity company Socura opens Cardiff office

August 29, 2023

Socura has announced that it has relocated to Cardiff from London to capitalise on the Welsh boom in security skills, startups and government investment since the pandemic.

Cybersecurity in Wales

According to the company, Cardiff is one of the fastest growing tech hubs in Europe and home to the Cyber Innovation Hub, a Welsh Government initiative created to bring world-class cybersecurity products, high-growth businesses and technically-skilled talent to the region. 

Wales also provides access to leading universities such as Cardiff and Swansea, which offer impressive computer science and cybersecurity courses.

Socura says it will be looking to recruit heavily in the region and the office will also be used by Socura’s sister company, Block Solutions, which has several Welsh employees.

“I was born and raised in Wales, but the decision to move our offices to Cardiff was based on merit, not sentiment,” said Andy Kays, Socura CEO.

“Standing in our new office, it feels as though you are in the centre of the Welsh cybersecurity boom. The rise of remote working has made many workers and businesses reconsider the compulsion to relocate or commute to London.

“It has allowed areas like Cardiff to emerge as a hotbed for the UK cybersecurity sector.”

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