Dallmeier extends camera offerings with VMS integration

May 23, 2024



Dallmeier has extended its camera offerings, with Dallmeier cameras being compatible for integration into third party Video Management Systems (VMS).

Dallmeier says it offers the right video management solution for every customer size.

The smallest Dallmeier solution consists of only two components: The free SeMSy Mobile Client and a camera, e.g. from the Domera family.

Installers or endusers working with third-party VMS or PSIM systems will also be pleased: In addition to integration via ONVIF protocols, Dallmeier cameras are fully integrated in a growing number of VMS and PSIM systems from vendors such as Milestone, Advancis or Genetech.

The demands placed on modern video systems are as varied as the users themselves: They range from large companies with their own control centre managing many branches, to small shops or businesses where the owner is also responsible for security.

One size does not fit all

Installers therefore need a video management portfolio that meets these different requirements, but at the same time is easy to understand and can be installed and maintained with little training, the company says.

With Dallmeier, installers can choose from several options and select the solution that best fits their current needs – being re-assured that the choice they make allows for growth.

The SeMSy Mobile Client – professional VMS “for your pocket”

The free SeMSy Mobile Client App is a complete “mobile first” video management system for professional use.

The solution is flexible and scalable: from a “mobile-only” VMS, consisting only of mobile devices and edge recording on the camera, to a combination with the SeMSy Compact VMS and a Dallmeier recording solution.

The special feature of the SeMSy Mobile Client is that it combines the functional and security requirements of professional organisations with the user-friendliness and simplicity of a typical “mobile app”.

Multiple locations and different user groups and rights can be managed on the move, new users can be added via an invitation link and deactivated just as easily.

If no recorder is to be used, the Domera cameras are equipped with SD cards and can record remotely.

“Trackwheel your events”: the smallest Dallmeier solution

In addition to mobile access to live images from cameras at different locations, the SeMSy Mobile Client uses AI object classification to send pre-sorted status and event messages from the cameras and – if available – recording systems to the Mobile Client.

All messages are displayed in a structured, easy to read list with preview images.

Playback of the event can be activated directly from there.

This means that security officers are always in the picture, can be proactively alerted to incidents and can even intervene directly in the event – for example, by speaking directly over the loudspeaker or switching IoT systems via MQTT.

Operation is intuitive, using either sliders or the innovative “trackwheel” with haptic confirmation.

No app training is required. In addition to the smartphone app, a tablet version is also available. The SeMSy Mobile Client can be used to manage both Domera and Panomera series cameras.

When workstations are a must: SeMSy Compact

The free VMS software SeMSy Compact is ideal for medium requirements and for use on Windows-based workstations.

It can be adapted to larger requirements by means of various extension modules.

The completely revised “SmartFinder” functionality provides a convenient search with a range of features to quickly find, for example, AI-classified object types or specific processes.

Integration of Panomera and Domera into third party VMS

The company reports installers and end users who have decided for third party systems like Genetec SecurityCenter, Advancis Winguard or Milestone XProtect as their leading VMS system: Both the Domera range of cameras and the Panomera family of large area, long range multifocal cameras have been integrated into these software platforms.

XProtect operators for example benefit from the full range of Panomera benefits: Equivalent to combining a megapixel camera with up to 192 Megapixels with any number of high-resolution “virtual” PTZs.

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