‘AI Cyber Product of the Year’ awarded to Darktrace at UK National Cyber Awards 2021

October 8, 2021

Darktrace has announced that its Self-Learning AI has been named ‘AI Cyber Product of the Year’ at the National Cyber Awards 2021.

Powered by Self-Learning AI, Darktrace technology works by developing an understanding of what is normal behaviour for each user, environment and device within an organisation and autonomously interrupts malicious behaviour as it emerges, without disruption to regular business operations.

The awards recognise the best organisations, individuals, and products that display a commitment to cyber innovation, cyber-crime reduction, and protecting citizens in cyberspace. This year, Darktrace was also sponsoring The Cyber Charity of the Year Award, which recognises philanthropic organisations using cyber-technology to create a better, more secure world.

The AI Cyber Product of the Year Award aims to recognise the technologies that are driving forward advancements in cybersecurity against the backdrop of an evolving cyber-threat landscape. Darktrace also won this award in 2020.

“To receive national recognition for Darktrace’s contribution to cybersecurity is an honour, and testament to the incredible strength of our unique self-learning AI technology,” said Poppy Gustafsson, CEO, Darktrace.

“Cybersecurity innovation is a fundamental enabler for organisations and critical to keeping society resilient against cyber-attacks, and this award is a timely recognition of the innovation which drives everything we do at Darktrace.”

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