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DASA exploring use of Royal Navy underwater drones

November 18, 2022


Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) is exploring the use of unmanned submarine seeking underwater ‘drones’ to provide Royal Navy surveillance of enemy craft.

The Government agency has launched a “market exploration” as a part of Project CHARYBDIS, which seeks systems and technologies that could “deliver persistent, deployable uncrewed maritime assets”.

A DASA statement said: “This Market Exploration is run on behalf of the Submarine Delivery Agency (SDA), and project CHARYBDIS is part of Navy Command’s ASW Spearhead Programme.


“In support of this the SDA have commissioned DASA to search for related innovative technologies and sub-systems.

“The SDA are separately commissioning concept studies from suppliers with expertise in overall integrated ASW systems, which is being advertised through the Defence Sourcing Portal. Suppliers are welcome to participate in either or both workstreams.”

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