Dedrone announces airspace deployment enabling officials to protect cities from airborne threats

November 5, 2021

Dedrone has successfully implemented a citywide airspace security deployment in Southern Europe. Dedrone protects people, property and information from drone threats across large footprint areas like cities, airports and power plants.

A major metropolitan city in Southern Europe has deployed less than a dozen DedroneSensors to detect, track and locate drones and their pilots across the city centre. The protected area includes internationally renowned tourist destinations, corporate and shopping districts, residential areas and a port encompassing 50 square kilometres.

The high security stakes for cities to protect civilians and infrastructure against unauthorised drones prompted Dedrone to develop a citywide capable airspace security solution for urban environments to offer law enforcement and local governments best-in-class drone protection. This citywide deployment follows short term installations in European capital cities, including Berlin. The Dedrone Southern European city installation was launched in November 2020, revealing between 120-200 alerts of unauthorised drone activity per day and a 60% increase of unauthorised drone activity over the last six months.

“Cities of the future are embracing the integration of drones for productive uses including deliveries, inspections, and public safety, while also considering how to manage traffic and differentiate between authorised and unauthorised drones or even malicious drones,” shares Aaditya Devarakonda, CEO of Dedrone.

“With public safety as our highest priority, Dedrone’s smart airspace security for cities allows local government and law enforcement to comprehensively monitor their airspace of all drone activity, including higher risk areas like critical infrastructure sites, airports, correctional facilities, and high-traffic pedestrian areas.”

Dedrone collaborates with local governments to develop a centralised, smart airspace security network that monitors cooperative and non-cooperative drone traffic. The company’s Airspace Security-as-a-Service model enables local governments to access airspace intelligence and insights as a utility across the monitored area.

To enable cities to achieve smart airspace security, DedroneTracker fuses data from a network of sensors, using an AI/Machine Learning platform to produce critical drone activity information and situational awareness for law enforcement and security personnel guarding large public arenas.

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