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Delivering rapid alarm response


With its entrance into the UK market, RSPNDR’s platform has the potential to transform alarm response within the region.

Using a cloud platform that links into the operating software in alarm receiving centres (ARCs), the Canadian company delivers an Uber-like response service through a national network of accredited guard companies.    

The new offering is very different to today’s traditional monitoring or keyholding services. When an alarm is triggered in an ARC, the RSPNDR software simplifies and speeds up dispatch by automatically transferring details of the event to their platform. RSPNDR then identifies the nearest available patrol, tasks and navigates them to site and guides them through an external check to complete a report with photographs that helps to close the event. 

This new approach streamlines processes to dramatically reduce cost and response times. Consumers and small businesses can now get additional protection and peace of mind with a service that offers a 30-minute response time for just a few pounds per month. For security installers, this new service is an opportunity to add significant value to a security system and deliver a new source of recurring revenue.

The company argues that by offering more effective response services, installers will build their customer base; this view has been supported by those that have already adopted the service. 

“I think many potential customers struggle to justify the investment in security given the current response options,” said Ashwin Anthony, Managing Director, FHA Security. “The RSPNDR service is a good alternative and it allows us to create new propositions that we can sell to a wider market.”

A land of new opportunity

The new service has already been extremely successful in North America where RSPNDR is one of the largest single alarm response companies – now, the company is seeing the UK as an attractive opportunity. In the commercial sector – where risk and insurance requirements drive demand for specific security services – the UK market is robust.

However, growth for many incumbents depends on grabbing hold of market share. In this sector, RSPNDR’s new offering can increase recurring revenues and may appeal to smaller SMEs where there is greater cost sensitivity.

RSPNDR sees a significant opportunity in the domestic market where the industry has significantly underachieved; less than 4% of UK homes are professionally monitored, with just 1% opting for response services.

Years of regulation introducing more stringent technical requirements to try and address the problem have had no material impact and only increased the cost and complexity of professional systems; this has in turn, further deterred customers from buying. 

Taking a different approach

By building a nationwide network of professional guard companies that know their areas, providing them with the tools to receive and respond to events, streamlining dispatch and developing business models to make the service affordable, RSPNDR believes that it can change the dynamics of the security industry.

“We mobilise local guard assets to reduce dependence on police services,” remarked Kevin Meagher, General Manager Europe, RSPNDR. “We can be more responsive and less sensitive to the issues with false alarms. This gives installers greater flexibility on installation and maintenance requirements, but it’s our price point and the speed of response that changes the game.” 

The strength and quality of the guard companies that partner with RSPNDR is seen as key to the success of its new services. “We welcomed the opportunity to work with RSPNDR,” added David Graffham, CEO and Founder of Delta SM, a provider of mobile patrol response in the Southeast. “It’s an exciting new concept that allows us to support local property owners and grow our response business.”

Major UK alarm receiving centres are also working to embrace this new concept. Remote Monitoring Services (RMS) was the first UK ARC to offer RSPNDR to its installer base. Daniel Tolliver, RMS Manager, commented: “This new service allows us to offer a broader portfolio of response services to installers that use our monitoring station. RSPNDR simplifies the dispatch process and gives us a great alternative when customers want more than just a phone call but can’t stretch to police or key holder options.”      

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This article was originally published in the April edition of Security Journal UK. To read your FREE digital edition, click here.