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Dell to continue supporting cybersecurity start-ups by renewing partnership with LORCA

March 8, 2021

It has recently been announced that Dell Technologies has renewed its enterprise membership with LORCA (London Office for Rapid Cybersecurity Advancement).

Partnered together since 2018, the membership renewal secures more opportunities for Dell to connect with cyber-innovators at LORCA’s roundtables and forums whilst also allowing the former to support UK cyber start-ups through mentoring and workshops.

The LORCA roundtables that Dell again have the opportunity to be a part of bring together a host of leaders and experts in the cyber industry.

Dell’s team confirmed the following on LORCA’s website: “We’re delighted to announce that Dell Technologies, VMware and Nvidia will all play an important part in the LORCA partnership for 2021.

“Both VMware and Nvidia are long-standing partners and play a critical role in supporting Dell Technologies to advance key offerings relating to AI and cloud security.

“We will leverage senior leaders from across Dell Technologies, including VMware and Nvidia, as part of this partnership and they will get involved in key events throughout the year.

“There are exciting times ahead!”

To read the full press release, visit:

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