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DeltaNet International launches simulation tool to help organisations combat phishing attacks


DeltaNet International, a global eLearning provider of compliance training solutions, has recently announced the availability of its Phishing Simulator to help organisations strengthen their cybersecurity awareness training against phishing attacks. 

This solution enables organisations to assess the effectiveness of their cybersecurity education, diagnosing vulnerabilities and identifying urgent skills gaps through realistic phishing simulations.  

The phishing simulation tool can be used simply to test the susceptibility of an organisation from falling victim to a phishing attack, but when combined with follow-up training to close knowledge and risk gaps, users can experience true added value. The simulator allows users to choose from a carefully curated selection of phishing email templates, or create new templates specifically for their campaign and fully customise the software based on their brand and requirements. Available direct or through resellers, users can simulate targeted spear-phishing attacks such as clicking on malicious URLs and requests for personal information and passwords. 

The tool is delivered through the intelligent learning experience platform, Astute, which also makes it easy for businesses to deploy refresher eLearning to employees who ‘fail’ the phishing simulation through its cloud-based platform.  

“Regardless of size, every organisation is under threat of phishing attacks and with the headlines constantly announcing the latest breach, it’s high time cybersecurity awareness training became a priority for all employees. All it takes is one click on a malicious link and it could open your organisation to a cyberattack,” said Darren Hockley, Managing Director at DeltaNet International.

“By simulating an attack, you can test the resilience of the employees within your organisation and then quickly deploy focused training to those employees that need it. This builds organisational resilience to cybersecurity risks and can continually be assessed and measured through multiple campaigns.” 

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