DigitalOcean’s Cloudways releases malware protection add-on

June 3, 2024



DigitalOcean has announced the availability of Cloudways‘ new Malware Protection add-on, which is designed to simplifiy malware detection and protection.

According to the company, SMBs have increasingly become primary targets for cyber-attacks, with bad actors exploiting weaker security measures, compared to larger enterprises.

In 2023, almost one in three (32%) suffered a cyber breach or attack with a rise in damaging malware attacks.

These have a significant financial impact on smaller businesses.  

Powered by Imunify360, one of leading security solutions on the market for protecting linux servers, the Malware Protection add-on works across all PHP based applications including WordPress, Magento, Laravel and custom PHP to help guard businesses from covert threats.

The solution alerts businesses about malware and actively helps detect and eliminate threats in real-time, before causing any harm.

They can focus on the efficiency of their core operations, with regards to their website data, customer protection and overall reputation.  

Robust security

“At Cloudways, we understand the critical importance of robust security for businesses operating online,” said Suhaib Zaheer, SVP, Managed Hosting at DigitalOcean. 

“Protecting your business against malicious attacks is of the utmost importance, but it can be tricky to navigate what solutions will meet your security needs, especially as new risks emerge daily.

“We are proud to deliver our new and affordable Malware Protection add-on which helps safeguard against malware attacks, so ambitious businesses can provide the best service to their customers, without being derailed by security breaches.”  

The Malware Protection add-on also comes complete with RASP (Runtime Active Self Protection), which helps detect and eliminate threats at runtime by scanning files whenever changes are made and helping to eliminate malicious code before it has a chance to cause any damage to apps.

This solution is compatible across all PHP-based CMS available on Cloudways without setup complexities, offering SMBs peace of mind. 

The perfect match

“Imunify360 was the perfect match for this next milestone of Cloudways Managed Hosting suite of services,” said Tyler Healy, Chief Information Security Officer, DigitalOcean.

“With a rigorous set of hosted-app security features and proven effectiveness at stopping attacks, this aligned perfectly with our mission to offer comprehensive security protection for our customers.

“This is a fantastic, cost-effective solution for customers to start using today.’ 

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