Exclusive Interview: Dr James Kent, CEO of BlackRainbow

November 23, 2021

Can you provide us with an overview of the services BlackRainbow provides?

We were formed in 2017 and reinvented complex case investigation and evidence management to solve inefficiencies and manage risks faced in law enforcement, government and corporate sectors. The team have worked as, and with, investigators in over 40 countries over the past two decades to understand investigators’ challenges.

What separates us from others in the market is that we were formed with the sole strategic intent of bringing a modern, intuitive and innovative solution to market. Our mission is to reduce the investigation lifecycle through intelligence, efficiency and integrity.

How are you simplifying case management?

This area of case investigation management was completely underinvested and underserved in terms of user requirements, product development and innovation for many years. Our NIMBUS product became the first integrated case investigation, intelligence and quality management system to service the market.

The cross-discipline design and approach means NIMBUS can be quickly transitioned across divisions due to the ease of configuration and flexibility of the system. This also enables centralised workflows and automation to be built, delivering significant operational efficiencies, greater collaboration and improved case transparency from initial incident and evidence seizure through to disclosure and subsequent generated intelligence. NIMBUS modules are integrated and the dynamic user experience and interaction helps to build and shape to current or future working practices.

One of the most important aspects of NIMBUS, is that the disclosure process is built in and every bit of information is recorded in a co-ordinated way; this enables investigators to see the bigger picture and be provided with an effective and defensible audit trail into the justice system. We recognise the importance of quality and ISO standards so in NIMBUS we have provided an integrated quality management system that underpins case management.  

Can you tell us about your work with law enforcement agencies?

We are streamlining they way LEA have previously had to manage investigations by providing a solution which is configurable and agile enough to evolve and adapt to emerging challenges. NIMBUS has been adopted by a significant number of forensic and investigation teams across the UK with the need to move away from siloed systems and replace them with a solution that cost-effectively brings transformational benefits, is robust and is interoperable.

How are you looking to expand your product portfolio?

We are moving NIMBUS forward with two key projects:

‘NIMBUS: Shadow’ – a complex and major incident investigation platform to allow all roles in an investigation to interact in one dynamic, live environment, whether using the current NIMBUS forensic submission portal or mobile crime scene capability to name a few. This is addressing the shortfalls facing investigators today using current technology.

‘NIMBUS: Clarify’ security operations management accelerates the incident response lifecycle; it is the connecting fabric for security infrastructure and teams. It offers entire incident management, intelligent automation and orchestration and interactive investigation. The platform has a focus on customisability and collaboration. This solution is available as a SaaS cloud-based solution or it can be deployed on premise.

What are your plans for the next 12 months?

The next phase for BlackRainbow is further growth and resilience to meet the market evolution. Our mantra has always been about providing usable technology to the industry we have all worked and served in for many years. As a team, BlackRainbow genuinely want to help and make a difference to how we all go about our daily work and continue to engage with our customers and focus groups to enhance NIMBUS every step of the way.

To find out more information, visit: https://blackrainbow.com/

This article was originally published in the November edition of Security Journal UK. To get your FREE digital copy, visit: digital.securityjournaluk.com

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