Drone flown ‘illegally’ over Glastonbury – police

June 27, 2022

A DRONE was allegedly flown illegally over the Glastonbury Festival despite an order banning them.

The man flying the craft was located and will be interviewed in due course.

The incident, detected by Glastonbury Police – part of the Avon and Somerset force – happened on Saturday night.

Drones are forbidden at Glastonbury under a ‘air navigation order’ which temporarily prevents thir use.

The festival is one of the few festivals in the UK where such an order is in force.

Glastonbury Police Tweeted: “Officers detected a drone flying over #Glastonbury2022 last night and identified its operator outside the perimeter fence.

“Airspace is restricted during the festival and drones are prohibited.

“A man in his 30s will be interviewed on a future date.”

Uner the terms of the order, any aircraft, including drones, are prohibited from coming within 2.5 nautical miles of the Glastonbury site if they’re below 3,100ft altitude – unless they’ve got permission from the police beforehand.

Deliberately flying into the restricted area is a criminal offence.

It is not known how the drone was reported to police or if specialist kit was used to detect it.

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